rads and going on holiday can anyone help??

Hi, I had an appointment with surgeon 2 weeks ago and was very pleased to find out that my bc had not spread to lymph nodes or skin, I saw the oncologist next day and they said I would be marked up the following Wed then start treatment rad on the Mon. The hospital would phone me with a time to come in. Now it transpires that my notes were left on someones desk and I am being marked up on the 4th May then start rads on the 11th this means that treatment will now interfere with my holiday which was booked months before I knew about bc. Can anyone tell me what happens do they just delay your treatment, I don’t know what I’m doing??? Help

Hi there,
That is rotten luck. I do hope you manage to go on your holiday.
I have been told that I can’t take a break from radiotherapy. I’m having 5 weeks and wanted Whitsun week ‘off’ due to school hols.
I suppose it would depend on when they wanted to start you and for how many weeks you will be treated. You could always ask your BCN if the start could be delayed.
Best wishes and fingers crossed for a happy holiday.

Ask them to delay the start. I am doing this for the same reasons, though no one mislaid my notes. They might be able to do the preliminaries and then start the actual rads when you get back, or put everything off.

It took them ten weeks to start my rads and they said that was no problem so you can maybe go back and start after your holiday? x

Hi They might delay the start, i really wanted to go on holiday between my last chemo and first rads and when i saw my onc last week she positively encouraged it and said that i was fine to start rads in wk 5 or 6 no problem.

I had a wait of 11 weeks between lumpectomy and rads starting because of long waiting times in my area. My Onc assured me that this delay would not be detrimental. So you would probably be better to delay rads and have your holiday.


If your holiday is somewhere sunny I would def delay starting your rads.I finished my rads last July, and I am still unable to go in the sun without really burning.At the moment i have to put on factor 50+,wear a big sun hat and sit in the shade!


Hi, Thank you very much for your help, I didn’t think you were able to split the rads so will ask for a delay, are they usually ok about this and does the delay cause you any harm I just feel a bit freaked about it all !! It will be around 10-11 weeks after the ops that I will now be able to go because of the delays with paperwork etc. I am in the midst of separating from my husband of 30 years and my new home will be ready at the same time I will be having treatment. So a lot of things now all going on at the same time. Does everyone feel tired etc with the rads I’m just thinking how I will manage the move etc. I am remaining positive cause I did have very good news about bc not spreading but I do feel apprehensive about how I’ll pull it all together. Stressful or what haha!! So if anyone can advise I would be very grateful!