rads and swelling

its my second day of rads and i have swelling on the side of my chest anyone else had this
jenny x

Hi Jenny,
When I had rads I didn’t notice much swelling in the first week, but after that my breast lost the indentation I had from my WLE, which I was told was probably down to swelling/fluid, and my armpit was a bit puffy (I had rads to the area as I had a micromet in one node). Even now, 3 months post rads, I still feel bigger in the irradiated side than pre-rads.
Hopefully others will come along and reply if they have/had the same problem with rads. You could always give the BCC helpline a call in the morning and ask what their advisors think. The rad team will keep a close eye on skin changes, swelling etc at each treatment so do mention it to them hen you next go.
Lisa xx