rads at oldham

hi there-am waiting to start treatment in about 3 weeks-any tips please ? can i get a parking permit ? thanx in advance stella

If you visit Christies at Oldham before you start your rads they will give you the code for their own car park. I never had a problem parking there. The staff are fantastic i couldnt believe that all the staff knew my name , nothing was ever too much trouble. They will let you swap times at short notice. I think it is a bit busier now so you might have to wait sometimes but the longest i was ever kept waiting was 30 mins. They give you your own gown to take with you and i kept forgetting ut it was never a problem they just gave me another . Kirstie on reception is lovely.
Good luck , keep slapping on the aquias cream as i burnt a little at the end . I had 15 sessions plus 4 boosters.


Hi Stella
Just wanted to endorse what Shirley has said. I completed my 15 rads at Oldham in April and all the staff, the environment and the facilities were excellent - nothing was too much trouble. Kindness and friendliness was the order of the day.

Best wishes - i am sure you’ll be fine


oh thank-you very much ladies-that’s put my mind at rest.i did go and just had a look in the car park so at least i know where to go.thanx again-stella