rads planning

Well ladies went for my rads planning today…so ive been doodled on and got my funky tattooos…didnt hurt which I was amazed at. Also had a seriously phwooooaaarsome radiographer…that might have had something to do with it was to busy oggling him rather than paying attention to what the other one was doing…aha cunning plan from the NHS lol.

I also got my HER 2 results back…and they are negative. So thats it, start my Tamoxifen on thursday…and my rads start aug 14 and finish sept 24…i cant believe that its nearly all over. I asked the onc when im clear for new boob surgery and he said 12 months…so just got to see how my patience holds out lol. Im seeing my gp to start the ball rolling to get sterilised, cos im not going to faff about with condoms for the rest of my life, simply because I dont trust them but thats just me. The onc said I have to use simple soap etc, not shave armpit, no perfume (grrr) and no deodorant on that side…unfortunately im allergic to simple products…so will find an alternative. So thats been my day ladies. It didnt take long at all…about half hour tops if that. Hope you all have a good day today

Hi Buttons,

blimey you seem to be whizzing through your treatment now! Mind you, I’m finding mine is going a lot quicker than I thought it would. Its nearly time for my rads planning session so its great to hear how yours went. Doubt I’ll be as lucky as you, I’ll prob have a right minger!!!

Is the not shaving, no deod and simple soap thing for when you are having the rads? Not sure I like the idea of being deodarant free during the summer (well, what summer we have). I’m not a particularly smelly/sweaty person but without deod who know’s! Blimey my boyfriend will be running a mile!!!

Anyway, I’m glad to hear the appt was v.quick and you are now tattoo’ed and raring to go! Nice one on the whole HER2 - thing too, I’m positive so have Herceptin to look forward to. I think its just the nurses at my chemo day centre just can’t get enough of me! LOL!!

Take care and let us know how rads go,


Isn’t it strange how we all have such different experiences!! My doodling was last Wednesday…extremely pleased as I only got my bone met dx the day before.

Apart from my very serious, respectable onc I was surrounded by younger women all poking and pulling my bits about. One was quite put out when I pulled myself upright on her arm because of the serious pain I was suffering…had the cheek to say that “they have to look after their backs”!

Ok I know I am wrong…she got her revenge by making me bleed when she tattooed me!

Was not given any info about shaving, soap or deodorant etc. I am shocked. Have not been using creams through common sense but I have read I should not take vitamin E which I did regularly till DX.

Its a bit of a minefield out there. Any more no go areas?

There is a foam cleanser available (prob thro your gp on prescription) called Clinisan or Clinisept foam which I have used on very sore skin on some patients I have looked after.

Dont know if you have heard about it but maybe worth a go?
Hope this helps

I am just at the very start of my treatment - i.e. chemo started yest, then surgery then rads so you are well ahead of me. Roll on the day I am at your stage!!
Take care

cheers ladies. The shaving, perfume and all that stuff is just for rads. I had all my lymph nodes out when i had my mastectomy so i dont sweat that side which is a bonus…just having a hairy pit will wind me up…bang goes my idea of strappy (though lopsided lol) tops for summer. Been told to watch out for the sun and keep covered up cos ill be more sensitive to it…im fair anyway so the sun is out to get me anyway lol. I told the nurse i was using e45 cream on my scar, simply to prepare skin for rads, and she said to carry on using it as long as i dont put it on the morning i have rads.
When I see the gp i will ask for that stuff so thats a bonus, thanks for that Fiona. Treatment wise chick, it will fly by…doesnt seem like it at the first one…but it will fly by after all the others. Roll on thursday when im allowed to drink again, cos the oncologist banned me in january…omg last time i was hammered was new years eve…oooo have i got some catching up to do lol

Lol buttons re the alcolhol

I actually forgot to ask my onc yesterday how long I should ‘abstain’ following chemo - really not like me at all to not think about a wee drink - lol. Dont feel llike it today anyway but sure that wont last long!! I have a work barbecue 5 days after my second pulse of chemo so hopefully will be ok to go to that!!

Take care

Hi Buttons,
I had rads in March / April and was told to expect some soreness as I am fair skinned. I was also told to not use any deoderant or any perfumed lotions in that area for the duration of rads and 2 weeks after as it continues to work after. Surprisingly I had very little soreness but applied lots of E45 religiously 2 or 3 times a day to the area ( this and aquaeous creams are allowed). I also washed with Johnsons baby soap which was allowed. Hated not using the deoderant - must be something to do with all the flies following me!
You also can’t go swimming during rads as the chlorine can irritate and I was told to use total sunblock on that area for ever as it can leave the skin sensitive to the sun. I have a very faint tan on my left side now from rads but back to using my perfumed lotions, potions and deoderants!
It’s a bind going there daily but it does go quickly and I used to use it as an excuse to go into town shopping or meet a friend for lunch after - have now put weight on and am skint!!
Good luck with the treatment
Shorty xx

Hiya mate

Blimey girl, there’s no stopping you now! I have my 1st part of LAST CMF tomorrow and final one next week - yay! I have my rads planning on 16th August and, as far as the tattoos are concerned, I’m going to ask for a dolphin or tigger (do you think they’d mind). I take it we’ll be getting no sense from you on Friday if you’re hitting the beer on Thursday lol. Seriously mate, well done you.

Love Julie xxx

I asked for a dodgy map of australia…or a squished roadkill hedgehog type tattoooooo…but no go. They said they get loads of requests but can only do little dots…said fairy snuff…best get the bath crayons out and play dot-to-dot…as for Friday you wont get any sense out of me whatsoever…erm…no sense out of me on sunday either cos weve got a big dooo to go to on the Saturday…and a really good mates wedding the following weekend…dang im sure my oncologist planned my chemo round all that so at least when im allowed to start drinking again…jeeesh ill be in at the deep end lol. Good luck with your last CMF Jez…nearly there birdy