Rads to sacrum?

Hello Hoping Porkie will see this post or maybe somebody who has experience of rads to the sacrum. I’m having one blast on Wednesday and would like to know if it has affected the bowel at all? I have been warned it might but only temporarily. Also would like to know what clothing you have to remove? Found when I had had rads to rib they didn’t really attempt to protect your modesty at all, just expected to strip off.
Tracy xx

Hi,Tracy.when I had rads to lower spine/pelvis. Only one session. I was told to pull knicks down with nothing to cover up while a creepy man stared at me while I was getting CT and tattoos. I did make a complaint about him and lack of dignity. I was given a short tunic to wear on top & told to take bra off. Why I haven’t a clue as wasn’t having rads there! I went in & lay down with knickers on then told to take off while lying down & him staring. I got my tattoos first. And rads a few days later. This time it was all women but still had to pull Knicks down but at least creepy wasn’t there.so I wasn’t as freaked out.
Hope this helps,Helen xx
I do think they should ask if you mind a man being there,as I think with BC you are feeling very vulnerable to start with!

Hi there, I’ve had rads to the sacrum. I didn’t experience any bowel issues, was warned I might do though and I wear ‘sensible’ knicks, not small ones and I wasn’t told to remove them.
Good Luck, I hope the rads work well for you. X