Rads to skull anyone

Just wondered if anyone has had rads to skull and can tell me how to expect to feel and did you have success with it treating symptoms. I’ve been having headaches and nausea and my head feels like it’s having pressure applied to it x

Hi desi are you on chat girls as there’s someobe on there with these? Or is it you? X

Just checking because I can’t be sure who’s on /not on? X

Hi Desi, I had my brain zapped back in the summer. I had five sessions spread over about 8 days. For the treatment I had, I had a mask made that you have to put on and be fixed to the table.It stops you moving so that the rads hit the exact spot. It doesn’t sound good but it really is okay. The actual treatment takes under 10minutes you don’t feel anything at all. The information I was given said you could feel sick and lose your appetite so I went off armed with anti sickness tablets but I didn’t feel sick at all and by the time I got home was starving hungry and remained hungry right through treatment!! My hair fell out a couple of weeks later! Straight after radio I had chemo which I only managed two of the six sessions I should have had as I couldn’t eat and had a dramatic weight loss. I’m now on Letrazole to treat as my onc said from the neck down (I have spine bone and liver mets as well). On the internet I read Letrazole can pass the blood brain barrier but my onc. said no it couldn’t. I had a scan a couple of weeks ago which showed nothing had shrunk but neither had anything grown so it’s classed as stable! My original symptoms were that I lost vision in my right eye and I was walking like I was drunk! The vision is still not good but the legs are lots better. I hope this helps and puts off any fears you have of the treatment. Best of luck hope it all goes well. Vicky