we have such a lot of funny lovely people on here, what do people think about approaching BCC on compiling a ragmag to raise funds? obviously BCC would have to foot the initial bill for publishing, but i’d be more than happy to stand and sell it in my home town, and sure lots of family and friends would too, if universities can do it, why not us?

Alison xxx

of course we would have to think up a name for this here ragmag, that could be a new thread folks!

Brilliant idea Alison, thanks … hugs


Its only a good idea if BCC will go for it, but lets face it, don’t know about you, but i go stir crazy not having anything to think about, i like to keep my mind active, and would rather do it in a way that benefits all of us who get cancer, and the days can be long and so boring, sure this would give a lot of us something to get our teeth into

lots of love

Alison xxxx

Great idea Alison…i’m for it

karen x

Funny you should mention this as ive had an idea or writing a book for a while now. I have so many funny stories to tell whilst i was having treatment, also partly because my onc was a comedian and i thought i could get the ladies from this forum to share any funny stories with me and then i was going to hopefully compile a book with money going to breast cancer charity.
what do you think?


Think this is something that we could all do to make our time at home whilst off with bc a little bit more productive, plus we have a lot to offer, just need to convince BCC that we could do this, and it would be fun, profitable, give us all a sense of ownership, plus it will reach out to all women and men with bc, and also raise awareness to those that do not have this disease. OK, we would need guidance, and we would welcome that with open arms, i just feel that it would be good to give something back when i have received so much.

Alison xxxx

Im not sure if i could use the forum to collect stories as i would need a name and home town so under each story would be this information, that way its not just me contributing it would be everyone feeling as though they have but with each name under the story it would be a little recognition. Might have to go to the other web site just so we could maybe share email address’s etc

Twelch, a ragmag is not full of stories, its full of jokes, quotes, ditties, and there would be no need to have anyone’s name if they didn’t want it, have you ever seen a ragmag?
and it would be a case of people only contributing what they felt 100% comfortable with, no one would be put under any pressure at all, if people want to do this, the main aim would be to raise awareness and raise much needed funds, no more, no less

Alison xx

hi Alison

I was talking about a book that i was thinking about writing, mine is something for the near future, so its in my book that i want to add peoples names if they wanted to.
No, i have never heard of a ragmag, sounds good and again the main point here is to raise money for a cancer charity and its something everyone here can get involved with.


Hi Tracey, basically a ragmag is just like a comic, mostly jokes, a few quotes, silly book titles, all in the name of fun, but a very serious cause behind it, its what universities do to raise money, and i think a lot of us on here are well educated enough to do our own version, as long as it raises awareness and money to supply us with the very much needed info that we recieve, and those that come after us, then i think it could be a winner, and it would give so many of us something to do! and i am so bored just sitting here, and not being able to contribute financially, when i know i could be doing something that would put a smile on someone’s face, and raise awareness at the same time, to me that sounds like a winner

Alison xxxx

a ragmag could educate as well - crossword / wordsearch even a competition all based on BCC

I think it would be a fantastic way to get the message across in a way that everyone can enjoy - might it be possible to consider aiming for october ?

Whats so special about october?

It’s breast cancer awareness month, though those of us living with this crappy disease are aware of it every month.

oh heck, just blotted my sheet lol , forgot clean about that, but yes, that would be great to aim for the back end of October , dark nights, bad weather, hey, what better time to cheer people up?

exactly - btw - i have some extra special cyber blotting paper if that will help with the copy book?

erm yes please lol

sending a ream of cyber blotting paper and a gallon of screen tippex just in case :wink:

Oh, you know me so well already lol