Hi all, Just done EC3 - losing hair despite cold cap but not lost brows or eyelashes yet … ever hopeful. I’ve invested in some rapidlash for eyelashes in case … should I be using this during chemo or after???

I started using it when my eyelashes started to regrow. I kept about half my upper lashes, but lost all or nearly all of the lower ones during the last half of chemo. I don’t know whether it would have helped at an earlier stage, but I didn’t have it at that time. They have mostly grown back, 10 weeks after last FEC, but are still a bit shorter than normal. They are returning to their natural colour and slight curl, with no brittleness. (I’m not using mascara much at the moment.)

Thanks for that … as I’ve still got them I’m holding off using it just yet … but the first sign of trouble … !!!

i had thought about trying this to try and hang onto my lashes but the price of it made me think twice, wouldnt mind if it defo worked, but £40 is too much of a risk for me! Does it really work? If so, my Boots points are gonna be blitzed ;D Lynne x

I wondered too, but thought that chemo would zap the follicles so much it was better hanging on til I’d finished chemo and then treat myself and hope to boost regrowth. It’s had good reviews on the Boots website.


I have been using this for about 8 weeks and there is a noticable difference my lashes are longer and maybe a bit thicker. Not sure how they will hang re chemo as I’m only on second cycle. It is expensive but I think I’m going to keep on using it.

I’ve been using Rapidlash for about 6 weeks and finally I can see some eyelashes come through although very sparse. I have to say that they are growing very dark which thankfully makes them look longer. I had lost all my eyelashes (and eyebrows)while on Tax and looking back maybe I should have used rapidlash then, but who knows?



Does anyone know of a similar product that you can get on prescription - what with us getting free prescriptions and all?

It sounds good - my eyelashes are crap anyway.



hi ,im going for my 3rd fec tomorrow and i am getting increasingly worried about my eyebrows, do i have tatoos? what is the best option?Given up on eyelashes as they are disapearing fast.

Rapidlash works on eyebrows too … gonna try it on both during rest of my chemo …

Yes, £40 is a lot, but it lasts well. It claims to be a conditioner, so I don’t think it actually makes anything grow faster, it probably reduces natural breakage. Whether that would slow loss during chemo, I don’t know. I was left with only a few invisible lower lashes and the regrowth was invisible at first–I could feel them but not see them, and of course they were very short. I thought the rapidlash made them more visible faster than regrowth alone could do. You just put it on at the base of your lashes, not all over like mascara so if you use it for lashes alone it lasts quite a long time.

I’m going easy on mascara at the moment, just to give my lashes the best possible chance. I really minded losing them.

I haven’t used anything during, or since finishing chemo.

I held onto them pretty much until FEC3. All face hair had disappeared by 4.

My last chemo was April 29th, last week my eyebrows looked pretty much normal and in the last few days I’ve been able to start wearing mascara again.

I’m not very convinced by these sort of supplements, I think that as long as your actual follicle hasn’t been damaged, your hair (wherever it is) will turn up when it’s ready. Some lucky people have hair that grows quickly and for a longer time and then they might be luckier still and have it hang around longer before it falls out. Other mere mortals (me) have hair that won’t grow for too long and grows at a slower pace before falling out. So I just think that your body will just start to churn out the hairy stuff in just the same way as it always has, once it’s stopped been battered.

Saying that, if you really believe it will make difference and you feel better doing it - do it!

Ps - Ive always used eyeshadow to fill in the gaps of my eyebrow and continued to do on a heavy-duty scale (ie, drawing them on) It looks more natural than the brow pencils as you can chose a colour that has less red in it and more like your own. To hide no eyelashes I used liquid eyeliner just on the top lash line. Everyone knew I’d lost my hair but all presumed I’d kept the other bits. What a palaver!

Hi, if it helps I found using a soft dark khol liner helped lessen the impact of no lashes. Hard I know, but this did help. My lashes did not go completely , but were very short. When my hair started to come back my lashes came back. I used a gel eye liner which lasted all day. Hope this helps.

I think the only way to tell if rapidlash and the like really work is to only use it on one eye, and use the other as a control.

Anyone brave enough to try :slight_smile: You might end up looking like that bloke in Clockwork Orange!

Perversely that seems to appeal to me!

My lashes seem to be falling out more on one side than the other - so I could do the test just to see if it evens them up!


I second jazzchimp’s point about using eyeliner to compensate for lost or invisible lashes. I used a creme pencil, smudged a little to avoid a hard line, just a little heavier than normal.

Hi all,

I treated myself to some Cargo Rapidlash in Boots yesterday (£20 I think) and will starting with it today. Although I am now 10 weeks since end of chemo my hair is growing back really slowly and my eyelashes are still sparse and short, so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see how I get on. Even if it doesn’t produce huge eyelashes at this stage I’d be grateful for some! :slight_smile: My eyebrows haven’t done too badly but weirdly one side has grown back dark and the other side white! :slight_smile:

Nymeria x

I’ve had 5 cycles of TAC so far and was told that 80% of people on this chemo lose all eyelashes and eyebrows as well as head hair. I started using Rapidlash after my 2nd cycle and so far I have NOT lost my eyelashes.

I have lost some of my bottom lashes but haven’t been putting Rapidlash on the bottom ones.

Who knows whether or not I would or would not have lost them if I hadn’t used Rapidlash, but I’m over the moon that I’ve kept them.