RARE Breast Cancer anyone heard of

So I had 2 tumours (one stage 1 and another stage 2 due to the size)  - pathology results showed the following 

  • Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the breast
  • medually like carcinoma.

They say that they are very rare type cancers to be found in breast tissue.  They tiptoed around any of my weak questioning around this.  I havent seen my oncologist yet.  I am 4/5weeks from a bilateral masectomy with Sling mesh implant.  Can anyone shed light on this for me… these cancer types/  Thanks

Hi Rachel Really sorry to hear your news. I have heard of those (used to be a nurse), but I think they are really rare, as only read about them rather than seen them HOWEVER, from what I remember, the treatment/prognosis is just the same as the rest of us, so really nothing extra to worry about.  Perhaps check that’s the case with your doc to make sure I’m remembering correctly though as I’m not an oncologist.  Perhaps let the docs worry about the rarity factor & just look upon it as BC.  Have they discussed the next step with you? Big hug xx

Yes I have to apparently get a minimum of 6 cycles of chemo with no radiation treatment. Though I am yet to see oncologist.
Thanks for that info regards rarity. I will focus on breast cancer in general and fight that battle and let the Doc’s wonder what the other stuff is. Apparently only 12 reported cases of it so I am one of the few indeed.
Rach xx

Sorry to hear you will have chemo.  It’s very frightening when they tell you that, but it’s not as bad as you think.  More an endurance test of feeling a bit rubbish in many small ways, rather than one big scary thing.  You will have days in the cycle when you feel completely normal & can just live life, but there will also be a few days when you find it hard to get going.  You won’t get all the side effects they read out to you (I kind of zoned out at this point) & the ones you so get won’t all be at the same time, which is why you will read people saying that it’s manageable.  Best advice is to join the chemo monthly thread for July or Aug & drink lots of water the day before, day of & day after. You will find you feel more in control once you have seen the oncologist & had your first treatment.  You’ll feel nervous the night before, but the giving of the chemo is fine once they have the line in.  I had a port, on the advice of a friend who’s done it,  which is a device inserted at the start to save them having to find a vein each time.  All the very best.xx

Hi, sorry to hear of your Diagnosis, I havnt hurd of your Diagnosis but just thought I would write to say Im recently Diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer also. Information is very limited x Good luck hear if u need a chat x