rare,strange, case, information please?????

Hello everyone,
my mother had breast cancer 6 years ago. She has chemo, radiation and one breast removed. basically clear ever since. (basically because she had her other breast removed because of worrying about some spots that ended up to be calcium)Her hemoglobion started dropping 6-8 months ago… to make a long story short, she has been diagnosised with ‘breast cancer cells in her bone marrow’ The doctors do not think it has metastatized from her breast rather it may have been in her bone marrow hiding even before her tumor showed up in her breast. They claim they have no idea which came first??? She starts taxotere in a few weeks, after a cat scan on her chest due to the fact she has had a pleural effusion for MONTHS now. The fluid drained from the pleural effusion shows no malignacy, as the x-rays and mri’s have shown no grows in her lungs.
What I am wondering has anyone else heard of this because the doctors claim it is very rare.

Hi teri, I’m sorry to hear of your Mother’s diagnosis. I have bone mets and many of us with bone mets do have some marrow involvement although I was surprised to hear recently I probably don’t have.
I have never heard of a diagnosis similar to your mother’s.
Bone mets can be difficult to show up on scans at first, hotspots can be dismissed as normal wear and tear. Sorry I cannot help but I wish your Mother well with taxotere.