Rash after reconstruction

Hi, I have only ever posted in family history and genetics before. I have had a preventive double mx and reconstruction nearly 4 weeks ago. I had this because I have the BRCA1 mutation. Everything went well and I am healing well. However just over a week ago I noticed a rash on my left breast. I had a check up on the Wednesday and my surgeon prescribed antibiotics and explained that it is from a reaction to strattice mesh used. He said it would take 4-5 days for the meda to start working. I I took the antibiotics and it kept getting worse. I rang the hospital today to ask what I should do? They want me to go in to Oreos so they can have a look. I am really scared that it is all going horribly wrong! Has anyone heard of this at all? Has any else had a rash and it’s got better? I am frightened that my body is going to reject the strattice and that I will be left with nothing, as you can see I am not feeling very rational at the moment.

I had a mx and immediate reconstruction last august.The surgeon used a tissue expanding implant with the strattice mesh. I also developed a rash which was treated with oral and iv antibiotics.The treatment was successful and I am now having the implant inflated gradually. I hope you have found this reassuring.