Rash and low white cell count

Hi everyone, so glad for this website. It really does help to know that you are not on your own going through this treatment.

I was hospitalised this weekend due to a low white cell count. I wasn’t ill but was suffering from severe itching and redness around my genitals that seemd to be thrush. I was home the following day after taking an oral tablet for thrush and now am covered in a rash. I wasn’t given any antibiotics so just hope that I don’t get an infection. Been to GP today and he thinks I have had an allergic reaction to Nystatin which I took last week for oral thrush, so now taking anti histamines. Just hope this doesn’t delay my treatment. Just had first FEC of 3 two weeks ago and then for desert 3x Taxotere to come. Has anyone else had similar problems?

Love to all you wonderful ladies.

Janet x

Hi Janet
I was kept in for a week after my first chemo session as had no white blood cells and had an infection in my portacath and fever. They kept me in until my white blood count came up but it was taking its time so by the 6th day they injected me with neulasta (an injection to keep your white blood count up) and it worked and the next day my white blood count was sky high and I went home. The next time I had chemo they gave me the injection the day after chemo (FEC) and I have received it since then. I did still end up in hospital on my 2nd and 3rd FEC but that was because my portacath had become infected again (my white blood count wasn’t low anymore) and in the end they took it out. Since then I’ve been fine with chemo (have just finished my 3rd lot of taxotere). I didn’t have any reactions to any medications like you though.
Maybe you could ask them for the neulasta injection next time.
best wishes
RebzAmy xx

Hi RebzAmy
Thanks so much for the info. I’m seeing my Oncologist tomorrow so will ask him about the neulasta for next time.

Best wishes
Janet x

hi janet

I had the same thing itching and red down there, told them at the hospital do you know where they sent me to the sexual health clinic at the time it was not funny I had to sit in a waiting room with some very unsavory characters they had no clue what it was. went to my GP the next day and she spotted it straight away i had a fungal infection because of my low immune she gave me some cream and it clear up with in a week when i saw the doctor who sent me to that clinic i made him pay i do laugh now about it

Hi Janet
After my first chemo I was hospitalised two weeks later with a possible infection and very low white cell count. I was put on iv antiobiotics which caused me to have a terrible thrush attack when I got home. Just treated it with canistan duo, which did the trick. My chemo dose was reduced and I did not have further trouble. Best of luck, the chemo. is bad enough without the other things.

Hi Amanda and Alison
Rash has now cleared up as well as the itching down below thanks to the anti-histamines. Just hope that when I have my 2nd FEC on Wednesday that I don’t get thrush again as will have to try some other medication. I also wonder whether my dose should be reduced if still having same problems next time, although when I saw the oncologist last week he didn’t seem too concerned about the side effects I’d experienced.

Thanks for your comments and take care.