Rash appeared 4 weeks post surgery??

Has this happened to anyone else.

I had a bi lateral MX 4 weeks ago and have been suffering from seromas under the scars since. Yesterday on a completely unrelated visit to my GP she noticed I had a pink rash along and either side of one scar. (I felt so stupid that I had not noticed it myself, but the area is still numb from the op.) She said it looked like thrush and prescribed accordingly a cream - the friendly pharmacist who made up the prescription threw doubts on thrush on scar tissue.

I cannot see my BC nurse until friday and wondered if anyone on the site had experiece of this kind of thing and any advice. I am going on holiday on saturday and really don’t want this getting worse whilst I am away from my normal health support network.

Thanks Andie xx

Andie - I would give the phoneline a ring especially as you say you want to get things sorted before you go away… Hope you get it sorted and have a good break…