Rather fed up

I’m rather fed up and whingey at the moment. Thinking about being breast less with thin hair ,short eyelashes, achey and tired and now developing fat above my belly button thanks to going through the menopause. The latter is due to leukaemia in my teens but I always had HRT so never had these symptoms.
Triple +ve tumours meant this had to stop. I’ve never been able to have children courtesy of leukaemia and am feeling distinctly unfeminine .
Sorry to complain so much but this new fat is the last straw.

sorry you are feeling low. I know you probably don’t feel like it if you are tired and achy but are you up to some gentle exercise? It might help you feel better. if not just do something you find relaxing and wait till you are feeling a bit more like yourself…

just a few words of support, it doesnt matter what you need to write. you have a lot to think about, but im sure you will feel feminine again. im stuck with an extra stone and just keep hiding it. keep saying i will get the willpower, or enough interest to get do something about it.

dont be tough on yourself, its too easy we all do it