RE: Anyone dismiss on the ground of ill health? Can reasonable adjustment be permanent?

Hi ladies,

This is a bit boring but here goes e bit of background. I work part time for two different local authorities. I’ve been off sick since Sep last year due to PTSD. I had bc 6 years ago, (currently NED), my GP thought that the stubborn chest infection I had could be the signs of lung mets. I went through the whole process of investigation, hospital problems. Everything was fine, (thanks to good behaving cells) but my brain. I was left confused and feeling very vulnerable. In terms of PTSD I am in a much better place now, (which I hope it last), but just when I was considering returning to work, I got a prophylactic oophorectomy. My chronic fatigue has worsened and I will be starting Letrazole soon. Now I intend to return to work but it seems this is going to be far from a smooth situation. My managers don’t see very happy about the adjustments suggested by OH. To mention chronic fatigue seems to them like a foolish attempt to take the piss out of them. I honestly don’t think that, I can cope with sift, long standing hours and so on but, I also believe, this shouldn’t be such a big problem for them. I have already taken legal advice from different organizations and, meanly, I am left with the feeling/idea, they, (employers), can do whatever they want because the employment legislation is just very vague.

I am 43 so still young to consider an early retirement or any other similar option. I need to work because I am struggling with financial problems. I find the whole situation very unfair. First of all they are making difficult for me to return to work by delaying the process with meetings that take place later than sooner. They told me they are not bound to follow OH suggestions so, where is their duty of care? Also, I find truly irritating the fact of the lack of awareness about the long-term side effects of cancer, which led to huge misunderstanding and ill judgements, like calling laziness to chronic fatigue or sulkiness to PTSD

Sorry for the lenthy post. I appreciete your pattient


Hi happynipple

I’m sorry to see you haven’t had any replies to your post as yet, unfortunately there is problem with viewing new threads on the forum at the moment but hopefully it will be rectified soon.

It sounds like you are having a pretty tough time, may a suggest whilst you are waiting for the other users experiences you give the helpline a call and talk things through with one of the members of staff. Here you can share your feelings anc concerns with someone who will offer you emotional support as well as practical information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Saturday 10 to 2pm and Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator