RE: Beta blockers and Breast Cancer

Dear all,

I read yesterday this information on about the protective effect of beta blockers on bc. I just would like to know your views

I am a bit confused and I wonder if this preventive effect is for all bc or just for specific forms of it.

Hope you find this information useful


Hi Happynipple
I had been on Beta Blockers for a few years prior to my diagnosis in June 2008. I continued to take them throughout my chemo etc unfortunately it hasn’t stopped the disease progressing and I now have secondaries in my lungs. I was diagnosed as Triple Negative not sure about the people in the study. Everyone’s different so this may be an option for some people.
Jennie x

I take beta blockers,I started taken them a couple of years before diagnosis.I read an article about this on the bbc news website,and it says that it looks promising,But it also says that it was a small study and more investigation needs to be done.I too wonder if it is for all types of b.c,cant find any information on that.

Best wishes Mel xx

Hello Jenwren and Melly2

Thank for you comments. I have one question for you if you don’t mind to answer. What beta blockers where you taking and what amoung (mg).


I take Atenalol 50mg but am gradually loosing weight and trying to watch my salt intake so was hoping to go down to 25mg and then maybe come off altogether.not sure I want to do that now lol

best wishes Melxx

Hi Happynipple
I have been taking Propranalol - and have taken different amounts- 160mg then reduced to 80mg. Hope this helps
Jennie x

I am another one been on beta blockers ( Propanolol ) for 8 years now dx primary breast cancer 5 yrs ago and secondaries in February this year I am ER Positive.

Max x