Re-called after regular screening

Hi everyone. I have had a lot of scares and previous surgery (with a terrible family history) and I know how frightening it is to be re-called. The letter doesn’t say why you have been re-called, and of course you think the worst. I have used this site before when I was waiting for a biopsy and it made a huge difference to talk to others in the same position. It was such a help to me in the past. I know that those with positive outcomes don’t come back that often and so I thought that it might help to post a positive. I went for my call back today fully expecting a biospy at the very least and it was nothing but a cyst - only a totally pain free ultra sound to confirm. I know that I am lucky, (at least today), but please know that it is true when they say a call-back might be nothing. Thinking of you all who are waiting. Love M.

@mgt66  - thank you very much for coming back to post such a positive story. I’m so glad your lump turned out benign - it’s always good for everyone to read positive stories, especially those waiting for results at the moment. Evie xx