re diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer

i had estrogen receptive cancer in 2009 i was treated with a lumpectomy chemo and radio and followed with tamoxifen in January this year i was re diagnosed with breast cancer and was treated with a mastectomy and am about to start chemo i was told the cancer was triple negative very small 11mm it is not known if it is a completely separate primary cancer to the first or the same even though it is not estrogen receptive like the first i find this confusing i also understand that triple negative cancer is harder to treat and more aggresive can anyone make more sense of this for me please

I am so sorry to hear of this second diagnosis. I personally can’t answer your query, however bumping this up for you.

Take care, J.

Hello Gissele, there are lots of lovely ladies on here who are triple negative so I’m sure there’ll be lots of support. I’m triple negative but metaplastic as well so double whammy! I was diagnosed in Sept 2010 with one lymph node out of 23 involved. I had dose dense chemo AC and paclitaxel then 5 weeks of rads. Try not to worry - there is a good triple negative website - ill try and post the link :slight_smile:

thanks for your replies ladies ime still trying to make sense of it all your posts help a lot

Here’s the link:

I have just been diagnosed with a second triple negative b/c - first in June 2009, this one in Feb. 12 following biopsy at bilteral mastectomies.

This tumour was 1.4 ms. Had lymph clearance Saturday as cancer present in forzen biopsy but not full results yet.

I am being advised to have more chem- this time carbo… and taxotere but they say there are potetial seious effects as I have already had chemo before.

Anyone got any advice/simirlar experiences-hope?!!

Rattles, xx

ime very sorry to hear about your second diagnosis i had taxotere the first time and epirubicin the side effects were quite bad this time ime having carboplatin and paxiotaxil excuse the spelling ive just had my first course and it was much easier than the tax so far its a very difficult decision and you may need more information from your onc the best advice i was given was from my lovely nurse she advised me to try the first one and see how i was then just concentrate on each one rather than the whole 12 courses i was also told i could stop it at any time or have a break at any time i hope this helps the link lou lou posted was very good all the best

Hello gisselle,

Well done for doing your first chemo!

Thanks for letting us know your treatment. I have been advised that I will have carboplatin and taxotere too. I am much more scared of the idea of chemo this time around and it sounds like a tough regimenso it is good to know you are okay.

When I was first daignosed, I didnt know anything about triple negative cancer, and I chose not to find out until after I had finished my chemo. This time around, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information.

I agree its good to take it one cycle at a time.

I think I am just a bit stuck with what it means to have cancer again…):

Take it easy, Rattles x

Hi ladies, very sorry to hear of your recurrences. It’s a shock the first time, the second time and you can barely believe it. I recurred very quickly after finishing my treatment for tnbc in dec 2009 (chemo plus rads). By the April it was back, and in September 2010 I was diagnosed with secondaries to both lungs. I also have the brca1 gene. I too had carboplatin (with gemcitabine) and it was the most successful of all the chemos I’ve had. I had fec the first time round, and my new oncologist has since said that the platinum drugs tend to have better results on tn cancers. Taxotere didn’t work well for me at all but it’s a very established and well-used drug. Everyone’s different. I hope it works for you.

There is a trial running at the Sarah cannon research institute in London for a new drug called an fgf receptor inhibitor. I was tested for it but didn’t have the fgf protein. I’m not sure if it’s specifically for secondary patients but it might be worth asking your oncologists about as i think its of particular interest to tn cancers. Hope this is of use. Good luck!

i had a hormone pos bc in 2006 grade1 so didnt have chemo just wle and rads and tamox.
had new primary tnbc in the other breast in may 2009 and had 8 epi-cmf and wle and rads, then a recurrence of that in aug 2011 in my chest wall and had 6 cycles of taxotere and carboplatin which i finished in feb also had a wire guided excision and more rads. i have a brca 2 gene as well.

gisselle was your new BC in the same breast? if it was in the same place and the same grade and appeared similar except for the hormone status it may well be a recurrence but if its in a different area of the breast and other characteristics were different then its more likely to be a new primary and if its in the other breast it will be a new primary.

Lulu x

my sister age 41 years is diagnosed with triple negative and undergone 14 chemotherapy treatment but unfortunately the injection in bones has increased from 5 places to 7 places in the body. worried about her :frowning: please help.

Hi akhiljpr

Welcome to the forums. I’m sorry to read about your sister, it sounds like you are very concerned. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk to things through with a member of our helpline staff. They are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator