RE: Eternal Fatigue?

Hello Ladies,

I wonder how many of you suffer from fatigue a few years after treatment has finish. This is my situation. I was dx 4 years ago and undergone the whole lot, (chemo, surgery, rads and right now tamoxifen). Since I finished treatment I have NEVER recovered my level pre-treatment levels of energy although I am doing all the right things; exercising, dieting, you name it. The point is that due to this, I can’t work full time but I’ve been told I won’t be eligible for DLA as my treatment finished. I have mentioned this fatigue in any single visit to my onco and also to my GP, but none of them seem to think is relevant. I believe is very unfair I have to struggle financially because I am not able to work full time due to the fatigue I am experiencing since I finished the treatment.

I would like to know your experiences and what do you advice in terms of making this more relevant to the health professionals and to the DLA people.

Thanks and take very good care of yourselves ladies

There is another post about fatigue from Ms Molly ‘moan, moan, moan’ its worth looking at that one.

I am going through treatment and I must admit i feel totally zapped of energy most of the time - I was hoping that this is ‘temporary’ and I would get back to ‘normal’ following my active treatment.

I have hormone treatment to look forward too and am concerned that Fatigue seems to be something that is not recognised medically and people don’t really understand what it feels like.

Whilst I am so grateful for having had the treatment I have and will take the hormone treatment if it reduces the risk of cancer spreading/coming back - quality of life is important too and it would be nice if this is considered as part of the overall treatment plan and at least acknowledged.

Hi Ladies

I understand that coping with fatigue can be very difficult.

Macmillan have some really useful information on their website and I have the link here for you:

Hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards.


HI Ladies,
Im 3yrs since DX and had the whole works too,Chemo/surgery/Rads/and now Tamox, and i still dont feel like i did Pre BC , most days i feel like im running on empty, (does that make sense?)reminds me of those horrible chemo days and the awfull fatigue i felt back then.
Also suffer from severe leg cramps which wake me up every night and makes my muscles very sore like ive been kicked! so am hobbleing around by day , since Treatment i have increased Migraines ( one a week instead of once or twice a Yr pre BC)and regularly feel nauseaus by day too , dont know whether its the chemo the Tamox or just the whole BC thing but am definately not the person i was.
Your right that nobody in the medical profession seems to take the issue of fatigue very seriously and it can be very dibilitateing for some people,
I try not to keep moaning as im sure people will think im becoming a hypercondriac but its not easy sometimes and i dont think others understand especialy once Treatment is over, your not alone .
Take care all
Linda x

Some researchers are aware of cognitive, fatigue, mental processing problems. But doctors don’t seem to be universally aware of this.

I have provided a link below to a power point presentation on this very topic. Although it is written for experts in the field, just from perusing it, you will see they are aware of our problems, they are studying it (at least in 2006) but solutions are not available.

If nothing else, we could print out the presentation and show it to our oncs and gps.

I finished treatment the end of november and went back to work 2 days a week in march. I am about to hand my notice in as the fatigue is ridiculous and those 2 shifts a week take me days to get over and i have a 2 and 3 yr old too. We cant really afford for me to stop but we will have to live hand to mouth and hope that i maybe more up for it in say 6mths.

Ive been good- I have lost over 2st, walk and run after my kids but when IT washes over me i literally have to sit down or fall down! hideous!

You are not alone!


Linda, just to say re the leg cramps have you tried magnesium? I too was sufferring from these so thought I would do some research and found that tiredness, cramps, feeling stressed, muscle aches and other symptoms related to a deficiency in magnesium. Since I’ve been taking mag supplements the cramps have stopped.

Might be worth a try?

HI Peacock,
Thanks so much for the tip on trying Magnesium, i shall definately give it a try as am so fed up of these awfull cramps and being woken up every night in agony. I darent strech my toes as know they will seize up!! was limping round sainsburys the other day for 30 mins arghhh. Its no fun is it?.
Anyway ,thanks again for your suggestion, shall get some Mag supplements tomorrow and give them a go.
Hope you are well and doing ok.
All the very best to you
Linda x

Hi lindiloo, I too had terrible cramps at night and my onc has prescribed quinine tablets and they work for me, the cramps were agony, but much better now, love junieliz

Hi everyone, I was dx Feb 2009, had chemo, mx and rads. Went back to work Jan this year and felt OK to begin with then started with aches and pains and felt very low. I’ve been prescribed antidepressants, and had a bonescan for the back pain. Fortunately it was clear. But I was still getting lots of back pain. So I’ve tried the Alexander technique, which is a very gentle form of exercise to de-stress the joints and muscles in particular the back, but it also seems to relieve some of the fatigue. I’ve only been doing it for a week and it seems to be helping.

Hope that helps

Clare X

I am two years post treatment. Wle, Chemo , rads…pancreatitis due to chemo, also on Tamoxifen I have been on Seroxat for yrs prior to BC diagnoses. Gp has halved my dose from 40mg to 20mg also taking ,prescribed metaziprine 15mg nightly, have lot more energy, it was driving me crazy also brain fog bit better. I take magnesium and Leg pains much better. However my youngest lads wife had a blood clot and bleed to her brain , two weeks after giving birth to her first child six months ago . It has been a nightmare scenario She had craniostomy due to brain swelling , nearly died, then 8 weeks later had cranioplasty (skull was left in her abdomen to keep it alive) We are getting her back slowly but surely. grandson is gorgeous. As if that wasn’t bad enough my eldest lad OD’d two weeks ago has been in a psychaiatric unit wife took two little girls back to Eastern Europe and has not yet decided if she want’s marriage or not. I cannot take much more ,I worry about stress bringing cancer back too.
Corsa I am certain spelling is not right apologies

Hi all

Not been on the website for a while but as do not seem able to shake the tiredness thought I would see if there were any discussions on it. Yes, loads. It has made me feel better that I am not alone in feeling tired but also a bit down as it seems the tiredness will continue on and on. Only finished my treatment a month ago. Will look into ideas for coping with fatigue though.

Hi All, I am also suffering from fatigue, a year from rads. Didn’t have chemo either. Also have had memory problems retrieving words etc.
I think the treatment and DX has a lot more effects than we ever imagine.
Best wishes

I finished chemo June 2007, Herceptin April 2008. I’m pretty much fine most of the time, but about once a month I find I have to spend a day just chilling out in my bedroom due to fatigue. I usually just nap, read and do bits and pieces on my laptop. We run a business from home and during the week I get up a bit early to fit some yoga in as I find it sets me up for the day. I do half an hour most days, but try to do an hour if I can. The stretching wakes me up and makes me feel focused.

I had appalling memory/concentration problems on chemo and even now there are things that haven’t come back. One is the placing of apostrophes, yet I never had a problem with this in my life before I got BC. I sometimes have to think about grammar too, and will resort to the dictionary. It’s really important for me to get things right as my work is copywriting!