Re-excision as margins not clear

Hi all


I have had WLE and SLNB on the left on 4 December, got the results which showed the margins around the tumour were not clear (2 areas).  My LNs are clear yay!.  Had a further re-excision on Thursday 2 Jan but now feeling v anxious about the results and what might need to happen if the margins are still not clear.  I did discuss with the surgeon, and he did indicate he does occasionally do a further re-excision (he said as I have larger breasts they could possibly take it without to much loss of symmetry.  But also masctecomy would be a possibility.


I feel really good following the most recent surgery, but had a really rough time first time around with nerve pain and a serious infection in my axilla which is still being packed and dressed daily.


I would be very grateful to hear of anyone’s experience of having further re-excisions and what the treatment options where if the margins remained unclear.


Gentle hugs to everyone out there recovering from BC in whatever form x x x

Hi Dollybeads

Whilst you await replies you are welcome to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, lines re open in the morning at 9am and usual hours are 9-5 weekdays and 10-2  Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Lucy BCC

Dollybeads, I had a lumpectomy last May and the results came back as no clear margins, so then I had another operation to remove more tissue and also lymp node clearance as cancer was also found in my lymph nodes. I was then told there was still not enough clearance and landed up with a mastectomy in July. I wish I had perhaps pushed for a mastectomy second time, but my surgeon did not think this was necessary, but would have saved me an a operation! (I had 3 in total). I think as you have large breasts you may be fine just having more tissue removed which they could not do with me as I am small busted, but I was fine after each op and recovered well. If you have to have another op, hope it goes well and take care xx.

Hi dolly .I had 2 wle’s with unclear margins so after 2 I was told the breast was playing tricks and it needed to come off .so I had mastectomy with diep September last year.after 2wles I eventually had to have breast off after all but the way I coped was at least I tried to keep the breast .put your trust in your bc surgeons. If it needs to Come off they will advise it.