RE: Harassment at work place

Dear all,

I am thinking of making a case of harassment againts my employer. After being of sick for 11 months, dificulting my return to work, ignoring OH advice on a phase return to work, now, I’ve been told I will be sent to a WCA. I’ve been receiving e-mails from HR havint to put up with my managers remarks and, I am fed up. HOwever I wonder what happens if I lost the case.

Hope you can give me some advice


Hi Happynipple,

I think your first port of call should be ACAS. They are really helpful over employment issues and will help you to sort this out. I don’t know in which area you live but if you go online and search for ACAS their web site will give you your local telepone number to contact.

I hope this has helped.

Helen xx

Hi Happynipple,

I have put for you below the link to Macmillan’s website who are the experts in this area. Hope this helps.

Macmillan’s helpline number is 0808 808 00 00

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Ooohhhh…posts like yours make me really angry…you poor thing having to put up with more hassle after all the crap you have had with your illness…I don’t know anything about your situation but I just want to say best of luck with your case and I hope your emplyer get a toe up his backside!!! M

Happynipple-you should also be covered by Equalities and Disability legislation. This is the first thing that my Occ Health dept told me post diagnosis.
I second the suggestion to contact ACAS and they have a good website too. Sorry you are having such a hard time-its disgraceful behaviour from your employer. I know you might already be doing this but try and take a record of all verbal and written contacts as they will be helpful if you do take out a grievance.
I hope it works out for you and best of luck.