re hoilidays

Hi everyone
havent posted for sometime.Thought I was all clear but now have spread to lymph glands at neck ,one spot on lung and liver.Started on taxotere immediately and doing ok.Family are talking about going to the canary isles for new year and I will still be on chemo.Anyone done this or got advice re same.I will check with consultant this week but wanted to check if anyone in same position.Thanks Teresa

Hi Teresa

Sorry to hear about the spread. Hope all goes well.

Before being diagnosed with BC I had booked to go to Lanzarote on 24th March 2011 for a week. I got my chemo schedule on Thursday and my 6th and last treatment is due to be on March 14th. I said ‘great I can still go on holiday’ but the nurse said the oncologist would almost certainly recommend against going because 10 days after my chemo my white cells and immunity would be at their lowest. The air in aeroplanes is circulated round lots of times so it’s likely you’d pick up any illness anyone else has. She also said if my blood count wasn’t high enough, one of my scheduled chemo sessions could be delayed and then I wouldn’t be able to go anyway.

So, it sounds like a no - unless you are going by private jet with fully healthy people.

As mine was part of a group booking (my husband’s cricket team) I can’t reorganise for another time and will sell my place to someone else. Being a kind wife though, I’ll let hubby go without me.

Hi thanks for that.I kinda thought same but wondered if I should chance it.Was fine with chemo last time and flew to London mid sessions.My heart wants to go and enjoy a bit of sun but my head definitely says NO!.I will check this week with Consultant but I think you are right and I was overly optimistic.Good luck with yours and very kind of you to be good wife.x

I flew to South Africa 10 days after chemo, with my onc’s blessing and email address ! it wasn’t easy for me, as I was not feeling great but all went well. I didn’t want to let the family down by cancelling our holiday booked before my diagnosis. PM me if you want more details.
Good luck
Maria x

I suppose flying to London (I’m guessing from Scotland or Northern Ireland?) wouldn’t have been so bad because it would be a short flight, rather than 4 hours + to the Canaries and if you had picked up anything, it would have been easier to go to a local hospital in London than one in the Canaries where you’d need to know the Spanish for chemotherapy.

But if Maria managed all the way to South Africa, it might be fine. let us know what your consultant says.

Hi Theresa

My Onc was happy for me to go to lanzarote a week after chemotherapy no3. He advised me to be careful eating out - no uncooked food or icecream in particular, no swimming in pools or the sea and to wear a high factor sun cream. I took all details of my chemo (I have a little red book - do you?) but know of some people who have taken a letter from their Onc in case they need to see a doctor abroad.

I was as careful as possible on the plane - I took antiseptic wipes for tray, chair arms etc, hand gel, kept sniffing First Defense and had a scarf for wrapping round face if necessary.

Everything was fine and it was so lovely to be somewhere different, where nobody but my OH knew I had BC, so I could just be me, if you know what I mean. I came home feeling stronger and brighter ready for the next lot of chemo.

Unfortunately our flight home was delayed by the ash cloud - typical! I was told missing one week of chemo wasn’t a problem, but I went to the local hospital just in case I was delayed any longer and would need chemotherapy. The staff were brilliant - spoke perfect English - many of the BC/chemo terms are the same or similar anyway - and all costs would have been covered by the E111.

Personally I’d say go for it - some sun in January will be brill.

Sending you big hugs xx

In light of what Lella says I might ask the oncologist whether I can go on holiday rather than go with what the chemo nurse says. She was worried about the air being recirculated in the plane, not the chair arms or anything. Good to know going on holiday is not as big a no-no as the nurse said.

Hi ladies
Thanks for your info.I will ask on Thursday and report back.It is so good to hear other stories as I really feel my onc is going to say NO!Nottsgal I hope you get positive advice from your Onc.
Thanx again

how do we stand getting hoilday insurance

Hi Poppy

There’s load of info on the Holiday insurance Sticky Thread in Living with Breast Cancer - Employment, travel and financial issues.
Hugs x

Hi ladies.
Just back from seeing onc and she advises no travel outside uk whilst on taxotere.She feels the cumulative effect and immunosuppressant quality of the drug would be too risky.Iam now going to look at UK breaks and will let you know if I get anything.

I think your onc gave you some good advice better staying in britian .Theres plenty of time to go abroad i had 2 holidays booked for this year Dom Rep and Egypt i had to cancel them got my money back no problem would have prefared the holiday but looking back now i was in fit state for holidays i was also on Tax

sorry to hear that Teresa. Hope you get somewhere nice fixed up in the UK.

Elaine - bad luck having to cancel 2 sunshine holidays.

I’m thinking that even if my onc gave me a different answer to the chemo nurse about Lanzarote 10 days after the end of chemo, I’m not sure I’d be up for it. The guys in the cricket team tend to be hard drinking and hard partying (+ cricket inbetween) - I’d have to keep wimping out for early nights

Hi just a wee update.We are off to Auchrannie resort on the beautiful Isle of Arran for hogmanay and the 1st.Loads to do eat and drink so cannot wait.Thanks again for all your thoughts and best wishes
Teresa x

That sounds fantastic Teresa - have a great time! x

Hi Nottsgal
As a veteran of both cricket and rugby tours, think you might be right, and although I think the guys would be understanding because of the circumstances, I would want to go for the whole shabang, and I have a reputation to maintain…wimping out is not an option for me.

I was supposed to be going to Amsterdam on rugby tour in March, last time we went I had about 6 hours sleep in a 4 day weekend, not sure body will cope, so not going this time :frowning:

Should add I am usually only girlie on tour, and also as the 1st Aider/Physio may not be able to that properly either, so a no go this time, never mind other opportunities will happen.

SJ xx


I think you’re right. I’m also usually the only female on tour (generally I get fined for sleeping with the captain) but I also usually do all the scoring. Concentrating for 6 hours in the sunshine to score might be hard. I could get the guys to do it themselves but it’s usually hard enough to find 11 who are capable of playing; scoring might be an ask too far. Is Mr SJ still going to Amsterdam?

Glad to hear you’re still going overseas for New Year! The Isle of Arran sounds lovely and will be really traditional.