re inverted nipple

hi as a thread to my other mess on private, i saw in the achives about an inverted nipple
mine has a habbit of going in and out at random, i have always had an inverted left nipple then it came out now if its warm it goes in and if cold it comes out

is there any sig and should i have told my consultant this as my lump is just to the side of my left breast nipple

sorry if it sounds silly


Hi Cee,
I know nothing about inverted nipples, but I sure am learning about breast structure in general.
Your concerns, are not at all silly.
I hope your mind can be put at rest, go see your Consultant don’t wait it will play on your mind
Love n hugs Rosamundxxxx.

hi ros,
how did it go telling the kids, i,m praying for you babe, do you know when you go for your mri and bone scan yet??

how are you feeling at the mo, angry and hurt i bet, i would be, ty for your help, i,m ok i,ve got used to having the lump there now, i try and forget about it.

but then i did get the clear of bc unlike you hon

have you heard from dolphinac as she has not posted since the day before she went for her appt

i pray she got good news

hang in there gal, the only way is up

love you

I have just posted on my first discussion , I really appreciate your constant support and positive vibes.
Scans are now done,hubby sorted appointment with consultant… next thursday 26th at 10.30…so will know then exactly what I am fighting.
My children are very worried of course, and trying their best to be positive and there for me.
I will not let this terrible disease get me without fighting back…feel more positive now that something is happening.
Also worried about Dolphinack, Pray she is ok.
love to you Rosamund xxx

thats my gal, you have it in you to fight, your family will find the strength and faith to support you and guide you through.
i will be here and will be thinking of you on thurs lets pray its not as bad as they first thought.

i,m pleased you told the kids they need to know, draw strength from them hon and get all the help you can to fight this blasted desease.

i,m very much a christian so in my prayers contantly

glad i,m helping in some way if only for the vibes you can you will beat this and restore to your normal self

rooting for you
gentle hugs