Reach for the choccies, ladies!

Reach for the choccies, ladies!

Reach for the choccies, ladies! In a study covering 20 years and 80,000 women, Harvard university researchers have found that fat intake during middle age or later is largely unrelated to breast cancer risk after menopause.

There I was, blaming myself for having all those chocolate bars and now I can strike off my list, one, of the hundred or so reasons I got breast cancer.

I was always amazed that, if breast cancer was supposed to be connected with eating too much fat, that I never encountered any really obese women at the hospital or the support groups.

Anyone got anything to add!


pass the choccies then please , thank goodness i can indulge my self this christmas !!!
Dawn xx

yahoo pass em over after you then Dawn, please,

it’s great tho innit, another lovely excuse to nosh choc

loadsa luv xx

YES PLEASE A nice box from the Chocolate Tasting Club would be nice -

I found a bit of their dark choc stick marvellous for nausea!!! LOL

Many ladies would be very happy reading a recent article in the Telegraph which says a few squares of DARK choc daily is immensly good for them and bad for cancer too!
Hurrah and off to the sweetie shop, dilly

A link to the Telegraph article.