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Just thought I’d let you know that I have now finished the React trial, targeted at triple negs. I had my last tablets and final check-up last week, onc said I am the first at our hospital to finish the trial. It’s 2 years of taking 2 tablets a day, but unlike a lot of the hormone drugs, no main side-effects. One in 3 on the trial get the placebo, but no-one is ever told if they have the drug or the placebo, but I can apply for the results of the trial once they have finished, but I guess that will be some time off.
So no more tablets - now if I could just shift the 3st I’ve put on over the last 3 years, I’ll feel almost back to something like my old self…


well done shannon,hope your well xxx

Hi CrazyDancer

Great stuff - it’s very encouraging to hear of someone getting to the end of the REACT trial. I’m on it but only started last Nov so I have another 19 months to go! I haven’t noticed any side effects which is good but my negative head wonders if that is because I’m taking the placebo.
I agreed to take part because of the lack of further medication for us TNs so hopefully it will all be useful information in the end.



I amon the REACT Trial too, I started in Feb 2009, so quite a long way into the trial.

I am convinced that I am actually on the real drug, as for the first few weeks I had a major rash. I stopped with the tables for a short while, and the rash went, this went on for a couple of times, but this time the rash has not come back.

I am a BRCA1 carrier, so I will be having a bilateral mastectomy in August.

I have been offered this trial and unsure of what to do so would be interested in side effects

what is the trial? What is the drug supposed to do? Havent heard of it.

Hi Tors
I came across this in the Cancer Research UK site-
It explains the trial and how to join.

I don’t think there are any major side effects. Certainly not like the hormone positive ladies have to put up with. From what I could find out, it’s a drug that is very loosly in the Ibuprofen type family, the only risks taking it are if you have a previous heart condition, as they did find the drug could give a higher risk of problems in this case. I took them for 2 years, (or the placebo, you don’t know what you get!) and can’t say I noticed anything significant. If there were side effects, then having a placebo wouldn’t work, as everyone would know which drug they were on!
I just thought that anything would be worth a try.


I came across this trial and am very interested in the use of celecoxib as Ive been on it for several years for my arthritis. I didnt realise they were looking at its use in breast cancer, so Ill be watching the results with great interest. The ref to the heart problems led to me being taken off it a couple of years ago, but the doc reinstated it after looking at the risks for me(which were very low)
Funnily enough, Ive had increased joint pain over the last few months (started Tamoxifen in Dec) and asked the doc if the tamox interfered with the effects of the celecoxib. He couldnt find anything, but I know my joints are worse than theyve ever been at the moment. : (
Wish you all well

Hi All
Is this for stage 4 TNBC ?

As far as I know hope, the react trial is a follow up for primary ladies not secondaries. The only trials I know for us stage 4 ladies are the parp trials (are you brca 1 or 2 positive?) , and the TNT trial which is comparing carboplatin with docetaxol for recurrent/ metastatic tnbc.
I think it’s shocking how there are so few treatment options out there for us in this day + age. It’s unbelevable + devastating for those of us living the stage 4 nightmare :frowning:
tina x

I had oestrogen positive cancer in 2005. in 2010 i had oestrogen negative cancer in 2010 with a course of taxotere and radiotherapy. i have had more tumours removed in april 2011 triple negative cancer. As yet the cancer has not spread to any of my other organs. my oncologist and surgeon are meeting tomorrow with a view to offering me more radiotherapy. I have just read the comments about REACT and was wondering if any of you ladies have been in a similar situation.

Hi Nancy

i had hormone positive tumour in 2006 and hormone neg tumour in 2009 but wasnt allowed to go on any trials as id have BC twice… i wouldnt have been able to do it anyway as have a sensitivity to NSAIDs, but previous cancers within the last 10 years means you would be excluded.


sorry what are nsaids? thank you for info. feel very hopeless feel as if there is nothing to be done. very low at minute

Nancy there are hundreds of trials going on so there might be something out there where you fall into the right category… there are also plenty of other non trial drugs which they can try as well as radiation.

NSAIDs are non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen.

let us know how you get on with your onc.

Lulu x

Ive only briefly heard about this what vare the circumstances for being part of this trial Ive not had any offered me ?

Mekala x

My onc has just asked me if I want to take part. I had a grade 2 hormone receptive but very large tumour which is why I think he has suggested it to me. Think I will probably do it but would appreciate any feedback.
Gaynor x

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