Reaction to Tax


Has anyone had an hypersensivity reaction to tax?

I am undergoing chemo - 3 fec x 3 tax.

I have finished the fec part and had 1 dosage of tax with no probs, was in a lot of pain week following the tax.

On my second dose of tax last thursday i had a ‘hypersensivity’ reaction to the tax - not pleasant…

The hospital arranged for me to reattend this thursday and gave me loads of premeds - antihisamanes and steriods etc - they did the ‘rechallange’ but the same reaction occurred.

The duty doc just came over and told me was i was just allergic to the drug - clever aint they?!

They have booked me into see my onc on tuesday but i am concern what will happen.

I had 3/19 node involvement and have heard that the tax gives a far better prognosis when lymph nodes are involved…

Has anyone been in this situation - any tips of what i can ask the onc?


Hi Corinne,
I had the same problem as you. I had 4 EC chemo followed by 4 TAX. The first TAX was docetaxol and it was fine but the second dose made me have a reaction and I woke up surrounded by nurses! I tried to have it another two times with increasing doses of steroids, antihistamines and anti sickness drugs and given very slowly but I couldn’t tolerate it. I switched to paclitaxol and was able to finish the three remaining doses given over four hours and with huge doses of meds for three days. I did feel very rough and got a real “moon face” from the steroids but was determined to get throught the treatment. Luckily it all worked out. Hopefully your onc will be able to tell you whether this will be suitable for you.

Wishing you the very best of luck.


Hi Corinne

I had a bad reaction to tax too and it was bit scary to say the least! Im not sure which tax though. The nurse was so quick,they gave me oxygen,antihistamines and piriton then left me for 15 mins then they did the “rechallange” and all went well. Gota see my onc before next one because he wasn’t there,another onc gave the go ahead. I didn’t have any lymph nodes affected,had grade 3 cancer which was all removed,gota have double mx after chemo and all treatment im recieving is an insurance policy due to very high risk of it returning,have had 3 fec and hopefully 2 more tax. Hope this helps a little.


Hi Corrine,
I was supposed to have 4 fec and 4 tax but i had a severe reaction to the first tax, had O2 iv piriton and hydracortisone. They decided not to try me again and discontinued my chemo to allow me to have my mastectomy. They then followed up with 2 further fec which i understand is a treatment that is sometimes used for diabetic patients who already have neuropathy.
Hope this is of some help.
Jane x

I reacted badly to AC and TAX-although with TAX it wasn’t an immediate severe reaction, so not sure if this will help.
I had steroids, antihistemines prior to the infusions, then during TAX I took steriods pretty much throughout, and did manage to have all 4. Hope may help.

I too had a reaction to TAX I think it is quite common - its very frightening when it happens and like you it was my second dose of it - the first time I was ok - I was ok with 3 FEC too.

they gave me puriton and put it in slowley and I was fine. On the final TAX I was a bit apprehensive they gave me the puritan again- but I had no reaction at all and was fine. I agree TAX is the top notch chemo wise and if you can tolerate it then continue with it as it has very good results for node positive ladies.

Hi, I was allergic to epirubicin and docetaxel my chemo was discontinued. Your onc will discuss alternative regimes with you, don’t worry! It is very frightening and I am sure they will find a regime for you.