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Hi ladies

Just wanted to say that I had an incredible time this weekend - what made it so fantastic was meeting all of you! I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Hope we can all stay in touch and support each other.

You’re all fabulous!


i’m home now too, and can thoroughly agree with Cat!

A great weekend had by all (I hope), with much learned & many new friends made.


Hi Rebecca

Glad you’re home safe. Bet you’re glad to see the kids!

i had a great time as well, was so lovely to meet you all,
cesca xx

Hi Everyone,
i agree, so great to meet you all!
Good luck Cesca on the 21st!!!
love JulieXX

Hi Julie - how’s it going?

Hi Cat,
Good but very busy! Family, work etc etc!! Great couple of days though- will keep me going for a bit! How 'bout you?

Absolutely knackered - had a fab weekend but got home to the house in a complete pigstye. Been dashing around today sorting out a wig and having reflexology to help me relax.