Reading recommendations

I am about to start chemo, rads then ht and I feel I am ready to start getting to grips with the why/how /what I can do/research etc. And wondered if you could recommend some books that I could order online? I have read the general booklets but I am ready for more detail now. I got a magazine from the chemo clinic and it talked about diets for chemo and how specific foods will change the effectiveness of the drugs and reduce recurrence rates.

I have grade 3, invasive ductal and I am 38.

Many thanks

Hi, just bumping this up for you xx


I haven’t read it, but there’s a book by Dr Susan Love that quite a few on here have found helpful/interesting.

Are there any particular areas you are interested in?


Reading is good but it can get a bit heavy - can I suggest a fiver or so on a book I still have out even tho I’m past bad hair ddays - for now!!

No More Bad-Hair Days: A Woman’s Journey Through Cancer, Chemotherapy and Coping [Hardcover]
Susan Sturges Hyde

It’s light, just thoughts on what we’re going thru, some frivolous, some thought provoking - just a good ‘open it at a random page and smile’ book.


The best book I have read is:

Cancer is a Word not a Sentence
by Dr Robert Buckman

It goes into detail about diagnosis and treatment and doesn’t shy away from difficult topics, but is intended to be read by cancer patients so doesn’t assume any prior knowledge and is helpful and compassionate. Another reason I like this one is that it isn’t promoting any particular type of treatment or lifestyle choice. Can’t rate this one highly enough!

Lilac x

Hi Ali

Highly recommend:

Anti cancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber which is about a whole body approach including exercise, diet etc but doesn’t shove stuff at you. It’s very accessible and easy to read.

Anni’s cancer companion by Anni Matthews which is an A_Z overview of stuff you might come across during your treatment

Peace is every breath by Thich Nhat Hahn. He is a Buddhist teacher but you don’t have to be one to read it. It’s about meditation and learning to stay in the moment when you get overwhelmed by runaway thoughts and ‘what-ifs’ It’s kept me sane through my recent Stage IV diagnosis

Suggest you avoid Knockout by Suzanne Somers which is full of conflicting evidence and ended up confusing the hell out of me!

Laurie x

I have “The Anti Cancer Diet” by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. As alesta says it doesn’t shove things are you and it’s very easy to read. Sadly, he died in the summer but he did actually live well for about 20 years after his initial brain tumour diagnosis. This was despite the fact it went into remission and came back again after a couple of years. I believe he developed another brain tumour early last year.

A friend of mines found his book very useful when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was the same type as the late Seve Ballesteros had, very difficult to treat and they couldn’t get it all out. When he was diagnosed they said 6 weeks, he made it to 3 and a half years and he had a fantastic time during that period. He taught me a lot about not giving up on yourself. Even his funeral was a wonderful celebration of his life.

Many thanks, I think I would like not only the diet but some of the science behind it all, how it starts, what was it that I was possibly doing that led to this, as well as the how can I work towards reducing the chance of this happening again.


Very unlikely that you were or weren’t doing any one thing that ‘gave’ you cancer.

Sure, for all sorts of reasons it’s sensible not to be too overweight, to exercise and to eat a well-balanced diet, but there are plenty of women who did that all their lives and still got BC.

I don’t want to in any way discourage you from adopting a ‘heathier’ lifestyle, just make sure that you (or anyone else) don’t think it’s your fault.

The overwhelming reason you got breast cancer? You’ve got breasts.

Take care and be kind to yourself.