Real hair wigs

Hi all was thinking of getting a real hair wig i miss my long hair I’ve had 2 nor ones but drive me mad itch and to hot as anyone had a real hair one are they as hot and itchy are they worth the money and tips be great Laura


I got a real hair wig made from a company called Wig Innovation last October as I wanted to wear a similar style to my hair which was long and wavy.

The wig was made to fit my head and the cap is made of lace so I find it very light and comfortable (non-itchy) especially compared to the acrylic wig I wore for the month beforehand. It’s nice as well because I can curl and straighten it just like my old hair :o)

The price of a real hair wig is a lot more expensive but for me personally it was definitely worth it.

If you do decide to go for a consultation somewhere I would recommend bringing along some photos of how you would like your wig to look.

Best Wishes x

Laura, when I lost my hair during chemo, I went onto the alopecia forum, and asked for info about the most realistic wigs. Without fail, all the members recommended lace wigs. I bought two, and although they’re a bit of a palava putting on, it is impossible to tell they are wigs once you’re got them on (even close up), and once on you leave them on for a few weeks at a time, just shampooing like normal hair.
The great thing about them is that each hair is knotted onto a light see-through mesh base. This means they are not only cool to wear, but if you are bald underneath, make it appear as though hair is growing out of the scalp.
If you can get along to our next get-together for stage 4 BC ladies in Sussex, I will bring my wigs to show you, and explain how they go on. They can be a bit pricey if you’re not careful, so again if you come along, I can also tell you where I got mine.
Hope this helps Laura.