Real People Magazine

girls, I am in this week’s Real People - Page 56. Article is written in a certain style so is a bit strange but if it raises awareness, then it;s all good.

would be interested to hear what you all think.

karen xx

ps. funny thing - the photograph took loads of pics and sent them to me on CD - glad they chose one with straight boobs (they are a bit wonkey in some pics)!!!
must learn to straighten the prosthesis before a photo shoot!!!

Hi Karen. Reading your story took me back to when I was diagnosed - I too felt very calm about the whole thing. It was only later just before surgery that I fell apart. Like you, though, my huband was extremely supportive and really looked after me and our little boy.

By the way, I’m also in the magazine on p15! It was a little embarrassing posing in our underwear, but like you say, if it gets the message out there, then it’s all worth it!