Really excited but, nervous too

I’ve been trying to find my step-brothers for what must be - on and off - twenty years, problem was, until today, I didn’t know their names.

A lady on Genes Reunited found their names and just by chance I entered the name in Friends Reunited…well…one name came up, and everything about him fits and he lives in Australia.

I’ve written to this chap and given him details of the person I’m trying to trace, hoping with all my heart and soul it is him.

He hasn’t written back yet, but please God I hope he does and please God, I hope it’s him…

Really nervous right now playing the waiting game.

Linda x

How exciting Linda - do hope it works out.

hope you find your brothers linda

good luck

a friend of mine went looking for her mum and sister

álthough she didn-t find them she found a nephew and they now have a fab relationship

good luck
love fb xx

hey, good luck on finding the missing contingent to your family
how exciting!