Really frightened advice needed.

Hi All,

I had a cold at the start of december but have been left with a lingering cough. I mentioned it to the BCN who arranged for an xray on monday just gone. Anyhow she phoned today to say that there is a white spot on the xray and they need to investigate it further with a ct scan. To give a bit of background i was dex dec 07 and had 5/9 nodes involved and am now on tamoxifen.

Has anyone got any similar experiences when it has turned out to be a red herring. I’m so frightened for me and my little girls who are only 8, 5 and 2.

Also would a chest infection show as a white spot on the xray?

thanks all

Hi Sukes

Im afraid I dont have any real experience of what you are going through but just wanted to say keep positive & I will keep everything crossed for you

Love & best wishes


After chemo (taxol) I picked up a rare pneumonia type infection which showed as a 10mm nodule on my lung. It was treated with mega antibiotics (for 3 months) and cleared. This is always written on my ct scan reports as lung mets (or previous lung mets) though I have never had lung mets (just liver - lucky me :frowning: ). So all manner of stuff may show on an Xray which needs investigating by ct scan to ascertain what it actually is and to determine subsequent treatment. It could be all manner of infections - especially at this time of year. I hope it is nothing serious for you.


Hi Tippy and Jenny,

Thankyou for that. Jen, I too hope its nothing but the fear is so hard to deal with along with the waiting game. When the nodule was identified with you did they say it was a white spot Would an infextion show as a white spot. I mean i’m not breathless and have been feeling better than previous months since chemo has finished I’ve even been for two jogs over the past two weeks to regain fitness aswell.


Hi Sukes

I had a flu type virus a few weeks ago and a cough that went on for a few weeks after. I also developed a rattle and was completely petrified. My Gp assured me it was a chest infection which was going round after this flu virus and put me on a course of antibiotics which have completely cured it and my chest is now clear. Did you have antibiotics?

I didn’t have a scan so I don’t know if I had a white spot but what I am trying to say is a cough after a cold is likely to be a chest infection - the cough didn’t just appear on its own did it?!

Stay positive - I am sure you will be fine.


Alise x

hi alise,

I developed the cough when i had a cold it didn’t just appear - don’t want to go into too much yuk detail but i had the lovely yellow/green slime balls as you do! but i don’t know if a chest infection would show up as a white spot on the xray.
it was the same bcn who told me about the dx who phoned and its all too much.

Sukes I think that bronchitis does show up in this way on x-rays. A few years ago I had bronchitis/pneumonia/pleurisy :slight_smile: and although by GP wanted x-rays he would not get them done till my chest was clear.


Hi Sukes

I’m not an expert on x rays but I do know that that they can be very difficult to read accurately and so I think white spots could be sign of infection or could be sign oftumours…a CT scan should give a clearer picture. I recently had a dodgy chest x ray showing abnormality at the bottom of my lung…the CT was also unclear…it may be radiotherapy damage or inflammation from infection or possibly still a question mark on mets (I have widespread tumours in my neck and chest wall and spread to my lungs is anticipated).

I am so sorry you have this worry…you are bound to be worried and I do hope you can get the CT scan and the results as soon as possible. All kinds of things can, as Jenny says, show on x rays and not all of them are cancer.

very best wishes


Hi Jane thanks for that. Its so worrying and i just don’t know what to think. I was thinking this morning could it be from the hickman line because the bcn said it was on the bottom right side and i think thats near where the hickman line goes?


Hi Sukes,

My sister had BC 2 years ago and this summer she developed a white shadow on her lung - she has 3 year old twins and we were very worried. They said it could be a number of things but wanted to check it out - they did a CT scan and a biopsy and a PET scan and it turned out to be nothing at all. They still don’t know what it is. They say it could be an infection or scarring or an old TB infection. Whatever it is, it’s not a tumour, It’s still there as far as we know. It’s more likely yours is not a tumour than it is a tumour - spots and shadows can be any number of things. And yes, a chest infection could show as a white spot on the x-ray.

Lots of love to you. Svenska. xxx

Hi Svenska - what a lovely name (not british i take)

Anyhow thanks for that. The Whole bc journey is bad enough and scares are so frightening. I pray and pray its nothing and hope it will be nothing. Thanks for clarifing the chest infection could show as a white spot. The BCN i feel who told me is also very insensitive and blunt - not saying i want to be pussy footed around but she can come over " well this is what t o expect when you get things checked out" and her timing is always pants but i suppose she’s just trying to do her job.

They compared this xray to my last one in april and it wasn’t there then but i must admit since i finished chemo in august i have had 3 colds yet b4 i would only get max 2 a year.

thanks anyhow

If it’s any consolation - my husband was whisked into hospital with 90% certain lung cancer because of a mass in his lung. It turned out to be an infection…

5 specialists looked at it and none of them couild be sure. They were just about to biopsy it when it shrank by 50% so they knew it wasn’t cancer.

So white spots can be all sorts of things - hope yours proves to be innocuous

all the best


I have just been reminded of my boss who, twenty years ago, was taken into hospital for tests to try to find a primary cancer having been told he “definitely” had secondary spread to his lungs following a chest x ray. They gave him CT scans and all the rest of the tests, and found nothing at all. And the next chest x ray was clear.

He then spent the next year off work with depression (which I think may have been some sort of post traumatic stress thing really).

Really hoping, Sukes, that there is an innocent reason for your chest xray blip.


Hi to all,

Thankyou for the replies. I haven’t had an appointment yet but will keep u informed of the outcome.
Thankyou everyone.

Hi Sukey
Just caught up on your thread I can’t believe you are going thru this.
When has ur C.T scan been arranged for. I hope and pray it is only an infection but I do understand what u are goin thru as I am waiting my results on tues from my C.T scan.
Please keep in touch and I will follow ur thread on here now I am better.
Who is ur bcn?
take care and c u soon
Lisa xx

Hi All

I had my ct scan today and all i did was cry, I’ve still got a tickly cough and am really scared and frightened. Even hubby got upset

i don;t know what to say or do and feel frightened. What i don’t understand is that i had cancer on my left side so would have expected any reoccurance to be on the left but this is on the right side of my lungs. I just hope its an infection.

Sorry to butt in, just being reading this thread sukes, fingers crossed for you. When do you get results?

SUKES Thinking of you …let us all now asap when you get results PLEASE!!
My sons was bronchitis.
love Bobbiex

corsa, did he have a spot on his lungs?

Hi sukes,
sorry you are feeling frightened and upset, we all do when we think this disease is active again. I have had man flu over Christmas and it really floored me still feel weak. I think when I am weak my mind runs away with me and I think ‘oh is this it taking over my body’. When do you get your scan results, hope you don’t have to wait too long. I always arrange to see onc or get him to ring me a few days later. He said to me today I have created my own system and asked if I told then in scanning on Wed I would be seeing him today for results. I said no, I knew he would be ringing them as he has more authority with them I was confident they would cooperate. It has taken 4 1/2 years to get him tained to my way but I don’t think he minds.
Good luck with your results, have a lovely weekend.
Love Debsxxx