Really frightened advice needed.

HI debs,

I spoke to the mac nurse and she said i should get results for tuesday.

U too have a great weekend.

Hi everyone - what a coincidence this post is as I was just going to post about my current lung problem.

Dec 20th I woke during the night with a severe pain in my right side, going through to my back. Could barely tun over in bed. Left it until Monday 22nd to ring my IBD nurse as I thouht it was something to do with my Crohn’s problems, especially as I was scheduled for major bowel resection Jan 5th. She told me to come to the hospital right away - 2 hrs drive! They had a bed waiting for me and then all hell seemed to break loose. I was put on oxygen, iv antibiotics, morphine for the pain etc. and spent the next 3 days in a fog. They did a CT scan of my chest and the gastro said I have a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my right lung which was partially collapsed. In addition, I got a cough when in hospital and it turned to pneumonia.

To cut a long story short, I was in hospital all over Christmas and New Year, coming home Jan 5th, on enteral tube feeding overnight in an effort to put some weight on. Gastro surgeon said I have to be 8 stones before he will operate - tentative date now Jan 29th. I am being treated with Warfarin in the hope the embolism will disperse.

It has just occurred to me that the clot may be mets from my bc tumour? I was dx Jan 2003, WLE and total axillary removal, had 6 x FEC, rads and aromatose inhibitors. I am having anothe CT scan 20th Jan (same day as annual review with my bc surgeon) and will see the gastro physician and gastro surgeon 21st Jan to review the CT scan. Has anyone been dx with a blood clot in their lung that turned out to be bc mets? I am really worried as the gastro surgeon rang me last night to say he has reviewed my CT scan once more with a senior radiologist and the clot is far bigger han they thought. He said he will have to do an Inferior Vena Cava Umbrella Placement into a large vein to prevent further clots during the surgery.

Sukes - hope the results on Tuesday are good - will be thinking about you.

Liz - what a nightmare for you and how scary. Really hope it all goes well for you.
Sukes - it must seem like a lifetime away to wait to get your results. Hope you can find things to occupy yourself which are nice treats between now and then.
Thinking of you both

Liz- how awful for you and what a nightmare way to spend Christmas.I am ot a medical person but I wouldn’t think it was possible to confuse a clot with bc mets on a scan, I would think they both have a distinct appearance…after all there are plenty of women here who have had clots as a symptom of treatment for mets - the radioligists pick that straight up without confusion,

Sukes - hope you are Ok,


Liz, my god u have been through the mills recently. Sorry i can’t help you on the blood clot V bc mets but i have read somewhere that tamoxifen can cause blood clots???
I’m trying not to worry but its easier said than done.

Crikey guys some of you are really having a rough time right now. I am not dismissing the very real problems that some of you have had, but the trouble with secondary breast cancer is that, once you get anything , a headache, a pain, soreness, whatever, there will always be worry that it’s more spread. That’s the insidious nature of this disease, you cannot have anything without full scale anxiety. Well at least I can’t anyway. I do hope that for all of you who are going through a dreadful time at the moment, that it turns out to be nothing.

Hi sukes
Have u had any news today about ur scan
Had my first carboplatin not to bad so fingers crossed it is gonna work?
chin up
Big hugs
Lisa xx

Liz…have only just seen your post but just to let you know I had a clot to the lung on diagnosis. To cut a long story short I was diagnosed with both bc and bone mets when my hip spontaneously fractured. I had 5 days of being completely immobile before my operation and whilst I was being scanned to see if I had other mets they discovered the clot to my lung. Having breast cancer makes it more likely for you to have clots. I don’t have lung mets and was able to start my first treatment, Tamoxifen alongside 6 months of Warfarin.