Really heavy periods

Hi Ladies,

It’s been a while since I posted on here, finished treatment March last year and feeling pretty much back to normal other than experiencing really heavy irregular periods that last about 3wks. They’re different to pre chemo and now wondering if I should worry?
Does anyone know if this is normal, is it the start of the menopause as know that Chemo can bring that on early (I’m 43)?
I should really go to my docotor but can never get in!
Lucy xx

I was having reaaly heavy periods before I was dx. I assumed it was the start of menopause because my sisters had experienced the same and so had similar aged colleagues. My sister said hers just suddenly stopped after being heavy for quite some time.

I’m now on Zoladex to induce menopause, so I can’t say whether I’d have got there naturally and how long it took etc.

If you are worried and your doctor is hard to see (I know the feeling!) perhaps you could speak to your BCN? She will be able to put your mind at rest, or advise you what to do if she thinks it may be something that needs investigating.

Good luck!

Hi Lucy
My Onc said that my periods would probably come back (I am 47). But he said that if they werre heavier than before, to let him know. If mine come back heavier than before and last 3 weeks, I will definitely be telling him.
Do you have a BCN/McMillan nurse you can call at your hospital? For something like this, I would go to the Oncology dept before talking to the GP.
Mine have been heavy for 10+ years, but that is probably down to the fibroids I have. Fibroids can appear as part of the build=up to the menopause, but even with them, my periods have only lasted just under the week.

Hi Juno,
I had exactly the same experience, so I will let you know what happened and what I did.
I finished chemo on November 2009 ( I was 40). My periods stopped during chemo. I had a couple of light bleeds the following year (2010). Then nothing for months. I was found to be peri-menopausal on blood test.
My cancer was triple negative so no hormone treatment.
Then in March 2011 everything went mad, I started having what I thought were heavy periods (turned out it was what is called flooding). Eventually, it was 3 weeks bleed, 1 week off- so a menstral cycle in reverse! Truely, it was horrible. I coped with one or two like this but it became too much. I went to GP given a clotting drug - if you want to know name wil find it (PM me). Then I took progestrone.
Went back to oncologist. They said likely to be a SE of chemo but I needed to see gynaecologist. He did a hysteroscopy, dnc and fitted me with mirena coil. They said not advisable to be on progestrone (which worked) for long. I was very ambivalent about having a coil but can honestly say it changed my life. Best thing I ever did.
There could be lots of different reasons for this - as amysmum syas fibroids. My experience was that it was hormonal but yours could be different. BCN a good place to start but remember oncologists not specialists in this area (I had waited months for this appointment, only to be gutted when I was told they could not help with this issue!) but I would ask for a referral to gynaecoogist. Oncologist did this for me.
All a bit long winded. Hope it helps.

Thank you, great advise.
I did manage to get in the GP but really wasn’t much help, just checked my iron levels and sent me on my way.

I think I’ll follow Rattles advise and speak to the Oncologist at my next check up, which I think is about September. I’d be happy to go for a coil if it stops the flooding.

Many thanks again

Lucy x