really needing advice further to my other post

I,m really really needing advice , when I went to the gp on thursday there was a hard area evident round the nipple area which my hubby felt and so did the gp , there was no lump as such just a hard area.

GP referred me back to breast clinic but not as urgent as there was no lump etc.

I felt my left breast this morning and the hard area is not there any longer , said to hubby it was away and that I was thinking of cancelling appointment as I felt I would be wasting their time going. He exploded and told me to go to hospital and get it checked as you never know what was behind it. He then checked my breast and said it was not as evident but he felt a hard area just behind my nipple still.

On the other post someone posted better be safe and sorry and I have said they are right , but im now having major doubts about going as I cant feel anything wrong with the breast now and I really think its been swollen glands and Im going to be totally wasting the breast clinics time and using a appointment that someone else could have.

I cant ask hubby as I know his answer will be go and get checked.

Please can anyone advise me or even understand where im coming from here , is there a chance that the swollen glands are a sign of things not right and I would be better going and getting checked out

sorry for going on but my mind is all over the place this now

If your GP has referred you then he had reason to want to get it checked.You are certainly not wasting any bodies time.It more than likely nothing but you should still go to give yourselves peace of mind and I think most people here will give you the same advice.
Good luck and let us know


I reckon you should get it checked,they won’t think you are wasting their time.Better to have your (and your husbands) mind put at rest.
Let us know how you get on,

If you have got chance to have a check have it,I intend to have any checkups offered to me.for what any reason
there is a lot said for peace of mind.


I would still go and get it checked!

Sometimes OH are right not very often I must admit but he is this time, glad you are going.I had an ECG 2wks ago at hosp,just been sent for by GPS nurse for heart check I’m still going.Hope everything is ok and its a false alarm.

I was dx with bc Nov. 2007 . Exactly one year before I had gone to see my doctor because I felt a hard lump beneath my nipple. The nurse felt nothing, it was assumed that it was caused by what could have been a knock to my breast while coming down a slide with my grand children.

When I felt the lump again I delayed going because I thought I would be wasting time. I waited one year. When I did finally go the nurse could also feel the lump and of course it was cancer which had spread to one node.

I do wish that I had pushed my case that year earlier and not dismissed it as being ok because it could not be easily felt. I also wish that I had not left it for another year because I felt I was a worrier, it may not have spread into the one node.

I do understand where you are coming from but please take my word that it is better to be safe than sorry. You are wasting no-one’s time you have felt a lump and need it investigated.


I agree with all of the above. You need to keep the appointment with teh breast clinic - they will not think for one second that you are wasting their time.

Good luck

i would think most women on this sight thought we was wasting the doctors and clinics time, i certainly hoped i would be wasting there time! but i wasnt go go go or youll have a nagging doubt forever

Thanks for all your replys , after reading all of them with hubby I will go to the appointment when it comes in and get this checked out.

Hubby has also said thank you for backing him up that I should go.

Thanks again everyone

Tell OH he is very welcome

So pleased you have made that decision,and as I said before let us know and if you have more worries ask away,there is always someone who has been there

Take Care

I’m glad that you are still going.
Remember its your GP who has referred you, so you definitely have no need to worry about wasting peoples time, your GP doesn’t think its a waste of time.
Hopefully everything will turn out to be OK which will put your mind at rest and your hubbys (and ours!!)
All the best and let us know what happens.
Magsi x

I am glad that you have decided to go as if the “lump” is nothing serious (which we all hope isnt), at least the doctors can explain what the lump/swelling is for your own piece of mind. If you know it is only a cyst, for example, it wont worry you anymore.

i agree you should still get the area checked, it may be lurking and resurface before you go anyway

better checked than worry about it

thanks again everyone for all your replys

I will be getting it checked out , the hard area that was there has gone but the nipple and area round it is not feeling right at all , hard to explain whats wrong but its feeling weird and is very very senstive to the point of being sore at times.

I know I better get it checked out as I spoke to my cousin tonight and found out my aunt had breast cancer and had a breast removed and my gran died of cancer of the womb at the age of 38 (she died long before I was born).

I think its more and likely a infection or a blockage in the milk duct or something but better safe and sorry

thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply to me

hey hazmo… like most of the people who have left messages… i did have cancer

i know most of the peeps above from other threads… so like them i am saying …go…yes it may be infection/cyst but you do need to know sweetpea

we hope we only see you here one more time - for you to say i am ok -it is a cyst or whatever… we will be around and if you need it we will take care of you

OH sounds like a good bloke!!

jen xx

Just wanted to say - you’re not wasting their time - it’s their job! If it’s nothing then you have that reassurance that it’s been looked into and you can rest easy. If you don’t go, it will just nag away at you - best to be safe than sorry! Go!!

Sally xx

Hazmo, please go and get checked out, you are not wasting anyone’s time. I didn’t even have a lump or or any other symptoms, but an invasive tumour was found on my 1st routine mammogram. Thank goodness for routine screening. Hope and hope you have a cyst, best wishes Jilly.

Yes - you must go.

Last October I felt that I was wasting everyone’s time. I looked in the mirror and thought my nipple looked a bit flat. My doctor examined me and could not feel anything or see anything - I felt foolish. I went to the breast clinic and saw a consultant who also could not feel anything or see anything and told me it would be “very rare” for me to have breast cancer. I felt stupid and a fraud. I thought I would be in and out of the clinic in half and hour. How wrong I was. 2 hours later the same consultant who said the words “very rare” told me I had breast cancer and was looking at surgery and chemotherapy.

Please keep that appointment. I still smile to myself when I think that I knew better than a g.p. and a consultant!!!


Lynda xx