Really Nervous

I’m back in hospital a week today and feeling really scared again. It’s only to remove my expander implants and put permanent ones in, but it’s been over a year since my last operation and my braveness has gone again. :frowning: I have also been smoking again and know that I have to stop for my op but can’t seem to get my head around it. I’m doing the Race for Life the day before I go in as well, which has really worked out bad timing for me - I’m not prepared at all, not fit and really don’t feel like doing it. Please can you give me some words of encouragement for my operation.
Thanks, Samm xx

Hi Samm I think id get the jitters again if I was told I had to have surgery again despite having operations as a child … I think it comes with the teritory of this BC

Im sure once your settled on the ward the staff will reassure you & you’ll be able to relax again. As for the smoking well I battled with that one myself over the past two years. But managed to stop but even now whenever faced with the stress of it all I still think about it. Its like the less of the 2 evils, & then we start stressing over the stress & our anxiety has anxiety have you tried the little white inhaler pipes they are very good for stopping the craves.

Perhaps the race for life just go along if you dont feel up to joining in im sure just being there may help lift your spirits a bit you may even surprise yourself & want to do it ?

wishing you all the best love let us know how you get on

Mekala x

oh gosh. It seems that every time I log onto this site there is someone at a different stage of this long road worried about the next step.

I think all i can say to help is, be good to yourself and let yourself be nervous, scared etc. We all have such different emotions as we tackle each bit, and can be really strong and calm one minute and on the floor the next. Not that being scared is not being strong, you have got this far.

As to not smoking, well its too late now isnt it, so again don’t beat yourself up about it. Its your body and your decision. If you needed to smoke to get through this then you needed to smoke. There might be a time in the future that you can decide that you need to address it, but then again there might not. There are some that say I should not be drinking now I know that I have cancer, but there are an aweful lot of ladies on here that share my love of a bottle of wine to help me through it.

Personally i would be more worried about doing a race the day before an operation. I am resting and pulling all my resourses together so that my body has all the energy it needs. Have you checked out the advisability of doing it just before surgery. I am no expert i am talking from a knowledge base of zero.

perhaps you should ring the help line and ask.

anyway you have done the right thing, come on this site, pour it all out and sit there waiting for hugs and advice

There will be both walkers and runners at the Race for Life. The pace will vary from those taking it as a serious race, to those strolling with buggies, toddlers and dogs. You do not need to be fit. If it is a nice day, enjoy the sunshine. If it is wet, well just think of your sponsorship and enjoy it anyway! The atmosphere is usually very good.

Hi Samm
Re the smoking, I’d tried several times to give up smoking using various things - willpower (hopeless); nicotine patches (didn’t deal with the cravings) and hypnotherapy (useless) - but found that the nicotine inhalers worked a treat and made giving up totally stress free. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and I was a 30 per day smoker for 25 years!
Sarah x

Thanks for your replies and advice.

Mekala - You’re so right about the stressing about the stress!! I know I shouldn’t be smokingand worry about it but it’s really hard when you’re undor so much stress. I did give up Feb 2010 when my consultant told me to for the previous surgeries but then I started again several months ago. Well I’ve had a few really down days again this week but have tried to cut right down and today I have not had any at all so hopefully I’ve sorted it for now.

OaL - I have been worrying as to whether it’s safe to do the Race for Life the day before my surgery, but a’m only going to walk it so think it should be fine - my 10 year old daughter is doing it with me so I don’t want to let her down either, she has had to go through so much.

RoadRunner - thank you I am actually starting to look forward to it now. I went on a 3 hour walk with my childrens’ school today and really enjoyed it, so at least I know I can do it.

Sarah - well done for quitting!! I must admit I tried those inhalers a few years ago but didn’t think much of them. My GP has given me patches but I havn’t used them, I’m just going ‘cold turkey’ for now!

Anyway, thank you to u all, it’s great that there is always someone there ready to reach out in our hour of need.
Best wishes,Samm xx