really scared now

really scared now

really scared now Hello
I have just finished packing my bag for going to hospital for my mastectomy tomorrow.Its as if reality has hit and I have suddenly realised whats actually happening.The last three weeks have been so busy with appointments worrying about tests etc I have hardly had time to sit and think and now I am scared to death.
I am relieved that I am having the surgery and was dreading them wanting to do other treatments first but am scared about how I will look afterwards and the effect it will have on my husband.Basicly I am just scared.
Thanks for listening Beth x

Me too Dear Beth

I know exactly how you are feeling I go in for my mastectomy on Tuesday.

Have been madly rushing round to get the house up to scratch this weekend just to keep my mind off things as well really.

I too dread waking up and am really scared about how I will feel when I see myself after the operation. I was advised to not have immediate reconstruction.

Are you having immediate reconstruction?

You are very much in my thoughts, and I do wish you well.



hi beth
just wanted to say hello as i have not had a masectomy and am still in the process of deciding have no real words of wisdom to give to you just wanted you to know that i am really feeling for you.
if it is any consolation i almost envy you as at least all the weeks of what shall i do are over.
i have got to decide between bilateral masectomy or more surgery to achieve clear margins radiotherapy and tamoxifen with both
Was all set to have masectomy for past 3 months when second surgeon has said i dont need to complicated case! apparentlyand now all comes down to my choice! not struck on rads but who would be and hate thought of tamox as hard enough to live with now (hee hee!)
my friends and i all have a new moto ‘‘hey ho onwards and upwards’’ abd it has helped and i must admit it has rubbed of on hubby which makes me laugh as it just doesnt come out quite right some how. another thing we have done over the months is start a book of verses from when i was in hosp couldnt sleep and text everybody in the night! why should they sleep hee hee!! give them the first line it is fun one off my son went - oh what a lady what a night feeling grey and a little blue go to sleep and rest you silly mo oh what a lady what a night- the blue bit referred to my blue boob after dye for slnb hope this gives you a few thoughts to pass away an hour my book of verses really cheers me up
thinking of you take care
mandy x x x

Hi Beth & Pauline Wanted to wish you both luck for your ops…i go in wed for my mastectomy and diep recon…am absoultely terrified by the length of op and all the scarring i will have…i know i should be grateful that i am going to wake up with 2 breasts again…but he is going to take alot of skin away…
Am ill with dreadful cold too…what luck…hope it goes
Will be thinking of you both
Love Anna xx

to betsy, pauline and anna Wishing you all the best for your operations this week. I had my mastectomy in August 2006 and have finished chemo (Tact 11) trial and will finish rads next week.

I know it is daunting and the fear of the unknown is the worst part but I came through it fine and did not have a lot of pain, more discomfort.
(mastectomy with immediate LD reconstruction).

I tried to think of it as the first step on the road to recovery from bc and it enabling me to go forward with my treatment.

I wish you all well and hope everything goes okay for you.


Don’t be scared… Hello,

Wanted to post as I was feeling exactly the same on 9th March before my mastectomy. I’m 28 and only been married 18 months and was very worried about how I would feel when I woke up. I think I was still in shock from the diagnosis to be honest!

Honestly, it was a lot better than I was expecting. Obviously no one wants to be in hospital, but I felt relieved that the cancer was out. I had really fallen out with my boob since diagnosis so wasn’t that sorry to see the back of it in the end!

I had immediate reconstruction so woke up with a breast (a rather large rock hard one admittedly!) but the scarring is minimal and now nearly 8 weeks on I’m swimming every day, wearing normal summery tops and feeling is coming back.

I hadn’t even had a tooth out before mastectomy so was very fightened. But truly, you will be ok, and think of how boosted you’ll feel psychologically knowing the cancer is out (or in the bucket as my surgeon so pleasantly put it!!) and you’re on the road to getting better.

Lots and lots of luck, and please come back on and let us know how you’re doing

Liz xx

Hi Betsy

please don’t be scared about the op or how you will look and how it will effect your husband, your husband married you and not a pair of boobs, most men come to terms with it far better than we do and deal with it better than you think…

best wishes for tomorrow

love Lucy

good luck to all you ladies havingops this week.Its an emotional time-the physical side was not as bad as l had expected and 3 yrs later l have no boobs-opted for 2nd boob off in 2005 and had no recon but have seen son marry girls graduate and would rather that then pair of fast sinking southward boobs.much as l loved my hubby-we had been married 24yrs at diagnosis in 2004then if he had complained l would have told him wear to go.decent men go for things other than boobs.Hoever it did worry me before the op along with other good luck girls you will be ok.hugs sharonx

Beth Hello my love,

Somewhere on here I have a post that I added the day before my mastectomy which I had on 22nd April. If you read that you will know that I understand completely how you are feeling.

I was surprised that I had very little physical pain post-operatively, and have recovered well. I confess to feeling very emotional when I looked down at myself the next day, and I still do a bit. However the breast care nurse took me off and fitted me with a"cumfie" so at least I had two bumps under my clothes, and I will have a fitting for a proper prosthesis in a month’s time, and if I wish, reconstructive surgery once chemo and radiotherapy are over.

I came home in two days, ordered myself some new clothes on the internet to cheer myself up, and guess what, I still look quite good with me clothes on! In fact no-one would know unless I told them.

Just like you, it was a terrible blow to me to lose a breast, I’ve always been known for my bosom (32DD) But even though I thought I would be inconsolable, I am learning to accept it now.

I’m sure your husband will love you just the same as he always has and you will still look feminine and gorgeous.

Good luck for tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you.


Good Luck It’s all been said, but just wanted to say ‘Good Luck’ to those having ops this week. Be kind to yourselves when you come home - it’s all very tiring.

lots of love,
Jacki xx