Really scared

Hi guys, I’m new on here and am really scared that I’m going to be told I have breast canc. I stopped breast feeding 5 months ago, and have been back and forth to the dr with a pain in the upper inner side of my breast. Last month when I had an exam with the GP, she told me to try evening primrose oil for a month and come back if the pain hadn’t gone. It hasn’t so I went back, and this time she found an area of thickened tissue, and has referred me to the clinic for an exam and then probably an ultrasound scan.
she said this was more for reassurance, and that she’s 99% sure it’s not a scary situation, but I am absolutely terrified.

Hi peebles,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure the many informed users of this site will be along soon to give you some much needed support. If you need someone to talk to in confidence, then our helpline team are just a free phone call away, 0808 800 6000, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2, give them a call they’re here to support you.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hello there Peebles
It is terrifying and waiting to have the checks and then waiting for results is probably one of the worst parts of this whole scenario. I imagine that having a baby depending on you, the tiredness etc must crystalise that fear.
Try and hang on in there - remember that 9 out of 10 women checked turn out to have benign conditions. If things do come out badly there is so much more can be done thanks to all the research that has been done.
The one bit of good advice I had at your stage was to try and resist looking at info on surgery and chemo etc. until you know have an good indication what the result will be. It can give you a whole load of new things to worry about and all going well - it may be unneccesary worry. this sight has info on what to expect at a first appoint at the breast clinic. this will help you prepare yourself.
Have a big hug for me - let us know how thing go

Thank you … I’m just so scared, I can feel the difference now between my left and right, and there’s definitely a thickening… I just feel so sick.

Darling, your GP has done exactly the right thing - honestly, she is referring you to rule out anything sinister and to find out exactly what is going on. IT DOES NOT MEAN SHE THINKS YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER. There are all kinds of breast conditions connected with hormones so the clinic will be able to tell you just what’s what.
Having said that, if it is BC, please remember that diagnosis, treatment and aftercare have come on in leaps and bounds over the last 25 years, and you will get the most superb care from the NHS. I’m 64, diagnosed in 2010, and I know my treatment - all successful - has been so so different from what my mother’s generation had to endure.
You will get excellent advice and support from this site, and the Helpline staff are great, they are so knowledgable and comforting.
One last thing - whoever goes with you to appts needs to write everything down, so you can think it through back at home (or do it yourself in the waiting room after your appt if you are on your own) then anything you don’t understand, ring the clinic and speak to your breast nurse. They are used to us not taking it all in at once and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION.
You will get your appt within 2 weeks of your GP referring you, and whatever is wrong with your boobs can’t get any worse in that time - the waiting is grim but you’ll get there.
DONT Google, just use this site and MacMillan cos there is some crazy innaccurate and downright scaremongering stuff out there and it’s all WRONG.
all the very best

Hi guys … Thank you so much for the moral support … Saw the bc dr this morning and she said all fine! Pain most likely rib pain, but have another check up in 4 weeks.

thanks again everyone, and best wishes to you all xxx

Hi there Peebles
So ppleased that you were seen so quickly and they are giving you a quick follow up for extra re-assurance. As grumpy said treatment has come on in leaps and bounds, and that includes the attitude towards worried folk like yourself.
Take care and enjoy your baby
Love Jacqui