Really sore botty

Hi Girls

I’ve been struggling with my digestive system since 1st TAX 19 days ago. 12 hrs after the drugs, I had the worst diaorrhea I’ve ever had - couldn’t stand up without something coming out. Then I had hard poo which re-opened an anal fissure (tear) that I got during the birth of my 1st baby, 4 1/2 years ago, and which opens up from time to time and bleeds - usually I’m able to deal with it by having more water and putting on prescription cream. Since TAX, I’ve been fluctuating between diaorrhea and hard poo (although not constipated, never have to strain).
This morning it was both in the same movement!

Now I have a pile and an extra fissure, which feels like it goes right up to my sphincter and I am in so much pain that I feel like I might pass out. It kept me awake last night.

Anyone also had this (hope not!), or got any suggestions? My chemo unit is closed until Monday.


the diaorrhea and hard poo at the same time sounds like cronic constipation and if you are in a lot of pain i would contact emergency department, they wont mind cos the runs couls lead to dehydration

Hi Kinden

Your poor bot! Is there an emergency number at your GP’s surgery you could try? If you go to Casualty remember to take your chemo card with advice for healthare professionals so that they treat you according to guidelines for chemo patients.

Your poo is hard cos there’s not enough water in your stools. Chemo really dehydrates you and if you’ve had the runs you’ve also lost more fluid, so it may help to up your fluid intake throughout your chemo (my onc recommends 2-3 litres daily) to keep it soft. Lactulose is good at keeping the bowel lubricated and helping poo slide out! Diclofenac can take the edge off the butt pain - was prescribed these after a delightful botty op a few years ago.

I hope you get some relief soon!

I’ve had similar problems, and now deal with it as follows:
I start every day with approx 5 prunes. This helps prevent constipation but doesn’t give me the runs. Then museli & fruit for breakfast. I find that if I put high roughage food into my system as the first food of the day, then I’m usually OK.
If I think I’m about to have problems, I tend to eat brown rice - lots of roughage but lots of bulk too.
When the anus is split, I wash (or use lots of spit on the toilet paper) and then use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to both lubricate & protect the area.
The problems have been worst when I’ve been in hospital, so I always pack prunes now as part of my ‘basic essentials’ kit.
Best of luck. It’s a very painful problem, and once it’s happened you have a tendency for it to happen again and again.
Love, Lynn

I have a bowel problem that is being investigate and it has given me a fissure too, which I know is really painful.

My doctor has given me some suppositries to stick up my botty called Scheriproct. You can only get them on prescription as I think the contain steroid cream, but there very good and are used twice a day for seven days. I totally sympathise with you as it stings doesn’t it. Mine is more caused by acute diarrhear.

Thanks girls.
I’ve been drinking at least 2 litres of water, plus whatever other drinks I can get down, since 2 days before I started chemo. I also have Movicol sachets daily except when I’ve got diaorrhea. And I’ve been eating more fruit too. I’m not sure if the poo is all that hard, or just feels it because the area is so aggravated. Am terrified of my next movement!
I’ve managed the pain today with co-codamol, and will try some Vaseline when the shops open tomorrow. I’m not sure I could manage to insert a suppository, but I’ll certainly ask.
I can ring the out of hours GP emergency number, but I find that the standard of advice really varies on there.
I’m sorry that others are fellow sufferers, but it is kind of nice to know that someone understands!


Hi Kinden,
wish I could say I didn’t know how you are feeling. I had similar after 4th epi and was in a cold sweat thinking about having to go to the loo, absolute agony. Apart from what is on here, I used germolene suppositories (you may have to find another brand name) . They are tricky to put in (to say the least) but can be bought from the chemist without a prescription and were the answer to my prayers that week. They contain an anaesthetic to numb the area (heaven at the time) as well as something to stop itching and an active element to shrink the piles so you start to improve - all be it slowly. Another bonus is that they are greasy so when you have to go it glides out!!! The other thing was dulcoease to make sure all future stools are soft while it heals.
lots of luck, ask if I can help any more. I was on the point of asking the hospital to make me unconscious as I could not bear the pain.
Lily x


Lily - That’s exactly me - wanting to be anaesthetised or have a colostomy bag fitted so that I don’t have to have the next poo!

Anyway, this morning I rang the out of hours GP and eventually got to speak to a really nice doctor who understood the abject pain, but was worried about the blood, so sent me to A+E. I was seen there immediately, but the performance to get blood! He asked about 4 times to take it from my bad arm. As it is Sunday, the PICC line man wasn’t available, nor the chemo nurses, so he took it from my hand on the PICC arm as only PICC man or the chemo nurses are allowed to touch it. He was obviously nervous, I felt like doing it for him!!! I looked away, but whatever he did really hurt (and still does) and he got hardly any blood, but luckily it was enough.

I was given Voltarol, but that didn’t touch the pain. I let him look at the piles but couldn’t bear any further examination, and he happily stopped.

The bloods came back ok (enough platelets) so I saw the surgeon on call, who prescribed GTN ointment and Tramodol for the pain.

So, after 3hrs at the hospital, I came away with a sore vein as well as my sore botty. The ointment really tingled just after I put it on but seems to have helped the lower down part of the fissure, not the bit deep inside that hurts the most, but this is a good start.

I’ll carry on with the Movicol, lots of fruit and water, although it’s a fine balance between making myself go and going too often to allow healing time.

I really appreciate all the replies, thanks girls


Kinden the supositries really do help the inside bit, if you can bear to put it in and they numb it too.

I sympathise totally as find they damn things close up and heal and then all of a sudden you poo alot and it opens up.

J x

glad to hear you got some help and really hope this finds you at least able to cope. Beyond coping is such a scary place and one I now really work hard on trying to avoid. Fortunately a change of drugs has helped me with slightly different side effects. I would still recommend taking other things too, especially to keep everything soft if you are still sore inside.
Lots of luck
Lily x

Hi ladies

I am recently new to chemo, my 2nd being this thursday. So far its going okay but have worries about becoming constipated. Following my 1st Epi I drank 3 litres of water for 3/4 days, ate small and often and have regular smoothies.

Kinden - I’m sorry your having such trouble and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jules - You poor thing, on top of bc you also have a bowel problem, like you need anymore troubles handed to you at a time like this. How far into treatment are you? The suppositories you mentioned, did you onc say it was ok to take while on chemo, because you know how careful we have to be.

Will drop by again along my journey to keep updated

Hope everyone is coping well, and bums are healing fast.


Hi girls
I had enormous piles once had to sit on a rubber ring. I used to fill a marigold glove with water and freeze it, cut the fingers off and push them back in. Don’t be afraid when you take it out the freezer as they tend to freeze as a claw. ha ha

Jules- Sorry to hear your having problems with your bum also, you really are going through the mill aren’t you.
I really think you should take sugarsnaps advice and check on your suppositories, can’t be too careful!

Best get to bed now as it’s almost time to get up.


Just remembered something for all of you who have left over pile cream. Brilliant for bags under the eyes, you can actually feel the skin tighten just like it shrinks those goddam piles.

Hi Sugarsnap

I am lucky, my breast lump was benign. Unlike you poor things. Suspostries are because I am having lots of diarrhea in genera which is causing a fissure that keeps opening up during every episode so I know how uncomfortable it is, not nice!!!

Jules xxxx

Hi Jules
The cream is so cheap, can’t remember the name but I think it’s the most common one. Someone else might know it. I heard that models use it.
I can really recommend the marigolds, as nuts as it sounds my midwife told me about it and the fact that your pushing a frozen finger up your tush actually numbs the area and makes it less painful. Just don’t fill the glove with too much water LOL. If you give it a go, let us know how you get on. I’m afraid I don’t know much about suppository’s but the cream doesn’t really smell of anything.


Hi there

I shall have to try the cream on my eyes lol anything to get rid of bags or in my case suitcases! I will let you know how I get on!! The frozen finger thing is a good idea, mind you I put vaseline on the end of the supository and put it in really slowly and you just get in sensation of wanting to go to the loo! Not pleasant, they do leak a kind of weird oil stuff as they melt…nice, hence the lovely smell. These are strong hence only available on prescription.

Love Jules xxxx

ps i do like your name, why did you choose it?


Hey Jules
Glad you like the name. It’s my son Chuck’s nickname. He’s a munchkin and always spy’s on his older brother, thinks he’s in the FBI lol.
Not sure how the prescription thing works over here, is it free?

Hi Ladies

I too have heard that the marigolds are a good solution to a sore tushy (maybe both Agent and I had the same midwife) but have never heard of the pile cream for eyes nor the supositories, maybe Jules could report back as to how she gets on with it.

Sorry Jules I presumed that you have had a dx of bc as you had posted on undergoing treatment-chemo thread, my mistake. Good news though that your lump was bengin, what a relief for you. I had a bengin lump removed some years ago so understand the relief you must be feeling. At least this now allows you to concentrate on your other problems.

Off to shave ones head now that I’ve had a drink or two…here goes!

Hi there

I posted on this thread because I wanted to give some advice to someone who was having problems with piles and fissures as I know first hand how painful they are. I have also posted on the rads thread, because my mum is having radiotherapthy tomorrow.

Hi Girlies
We all sound like ‘Bum buddies’ lol

Sorry to hear your having to shave your head tonight. Big breath and volumes of wine.
Big squeeze for you honey xxxxxxxx