Really sore botty

Hi Jules

Please do forgive me, I was being my usual presumptuous self. It is very good of you to offer your adivce to others, not sure about the supositories for eye cream though! I didn’t realise your mother was having treatment, I hope all goes well for her tomorrow. Rads seem a milliom miles away for me at the moment.

Hi agentmunch - bum buddies eh? I think you must be new here - havent seen you around before. Where are you at in your treatment? Assuming you have BC.

I think this whole business of piles, constipation, diarrhoea etc. needs to be taken pretty seriously - especially when it comes to taking meds to prevent it reaching that stage. I came close to being a cropper recently because I had to go on morphine for several weeks plus having rads to lower spine and hip. My mac nurse was of the opinion that i needed to take senokot and movicol right from the start - but I thought I knew better and would be ok. Nooooooo… Fortunately I did get on top of the problem very quickl but a friend of mine was less fortunate and ended up with a rectal prolapse.


Supersnap, my mum had a partial mastectomy at the Marsden in the Summer. Dawnhc kindly came and met me and mum on the ward which was lovely.

Hi Agent

Thank you for your kind reply. I haven’t plucked up the courage to shave the head yet, the booze hasn’t helped, I think another bootle is needed!
Hope you are feeling well with your treatment. Its tough going some days isn’t it but great to chat with others on here who know exactly what you are going through.

Awww Dawn, rectal prolapse…thats sounds nasty!

Hope you have all had a good weekend

Hi dawnhc
I’m over here from Rhode Island for a few months with my husbands work. Lucky for me I had my lump removed (Boston Massachusetts) and it was benign.
Sorry to hear you’ve had so many problems on this subject. I was unable to take anything while I was pregnant with junior and had to rely on natural foods which didn’t seem to help at all. Just made me feel bloated.


Hi Jules
Sorry to hear about your Mom, how is she now?
Looks like another late night for me, finding the time difference hard. I didn’t get to sleep till 5am and tried to stay awake all day but fell asleep during the afternoon.

Hi agentmunch,

lol loved the bit about bum cream for eyebags!!! You should have met Chrissie46 who used to post on here - she was a great advocate for it too. Have you tried it? I think Chrissie said it was anusol.


Hi dawn
So glad someone is awake.
I used it for years after reading your Jane seymore swore by it. Not used if for a while though.

Very much awake agentmunch.


Hi ladies

I know Chrissie, but haven’t heard from her for a few days. Hope she’s ok.

Dawn I think anusol is probably the cream Chrissie was talking about. I use it in my work everyday but not on eyes!

Have just shaved all my hair off, down to a number 4, I’m rather proud of myself and my daughter too as she was so worried about it and thought mum would get really upset but it was quite good fun.


Hi sugarsnap
You seem ok, glad you could do the deed with your daughter.
What do you work as?

Hi Agent

I work in nursing care so the cream often gets used as you can imagine!
Where abouts are you staying in? My sister is in the US, California

I live in Rhode Island but I’m here with my husband for a few months. We are staying in a really cute house with a straw roof in wilton.

Very hot in california. We have lots of snow in the winter but hot summers. It’s a holiday over there today for the end of summer. Sounds nuts I know.

Thats sounds so lovely, are you having good weather? It sooo miserable here in the UK, it hasn’t helped my mood lately.

I am in the UK at the moment.

Is that all over the US or just where you are? My sister’s phone is off so I haven’t being able to speakk with her for a few weeks, she is moving to a new place with her boyfriend. She use to live in Philly and the weather was much like you get there.

I shall be heading back to snow. I think you have a lot in the north during winter?

All over. have you ever visited?

Yeah she did. She wasn’t happy in Philly but sounds far more settled in cali.
Are you visiting here?