really sore breast & really worried

Trying not to worry myself silly but about 4 months ago I noticed my right breast starting to ache on and off. It increased in frequency and severity until this week it became pretty much constant. I went to my GP on Wednesday and he had a feel and said he could feel a “mass” in my breast. He says it’s not a cyst as it’s irregular in shape and not mobile. He’s told me not to worry as it’s likely to be a fibrocystic (?) breast condition but I can’t help it. He’s referring me to a one-stop breast clinic in Aberdeen but as of today the referral still hadn’t been typed.
Has anyone else had these same symptoms? Thanks in advance for any response!

Hi loulou34

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. Whilst you wait for the other users to reply with their advice and experiences you may find it helpful to read the BCC booklet ‘referral to a breast clinic’ It gives information about what to expect at the clinic and details of the different tests you may have. To order a copy or read this on line just follow the link below:-

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards Sam, BCC Facilitator