really trying hard not to hate my oncologist

Wanted to see her about horrible femara side effects.  I even offered to go private just to discuss things and options.  Finally waited two weeks and was due to see her today on NHS.  Got there with my

 carefully worked out list of questions and was seen not by her but by a member of her team whom I had not met before and who gave me a mini lecture on why I should have had chemo two years ago.  He said four lmph nodes were affected.  I almost yelled FOUR?  I had a micro met in the sentinel node.  He had the wrong notes.  Waste of time and stressed me out.  WTH? How do you change doctors.  Anyone else have this problem

I’ve not had the same experience but a similar one.

I didn’t get on with my onc from day one and didn’t think I could go through such a traumatic thing as chemo is with someone I didn’t gel with, he was very offhand, didn’t acknowledge my husband at all, didn’t ask me anything about myself at all, (yet when my very attractive wonderful friend who came to all my chemo sessions with me was present he asked her all about her life!!!).

I did ask my chemo nurse if I could switch oncs but she persuaded me to stay with him as professionally he was highly rated.

I did and to be honest I haven’t seen him for nearly 3 years post chemo, I always see his registrars so for me that is a good result.

It might be worth you asking if it’s possible to switch oncs - you have to be comfortable with your onc going through such a horrible time.


Good Luck