really worried that I have a new cancer

I had a mastectomy a year ago and finished chemotherapy in March. I’m on tamoxifen. I am 57 and last had a period 14 months ago. I recently noiced that I have been spotting/bleeding.
I went to my GP on Friday and he got the nusre to do a smear test. She called the GP in to examine me. He’s referred me to see a gynaecologist urgently.
Anyway I am now terrifed that I may have endometrial or cervical cancer.
I coped OK with the breast cancer but I am not coping now - I just can’t face the possiility that I have cancer again when I had been doing well.

Can I just reassure you that any post menopausal spotting or bleeding is seen as an emergency as a standard procedure (I assume you many be post meno on account of your age). I’ve had 2 or 3 bleeds that were like this in the past 3 years and have been given emergency appointments for this. After the last one I had a D and C and everything is now OK. I had a pre cancer of the cervix back in 1987, and on account of the BC as well am classed as being in a higher risk group for gynae. I have my smears done regularly and all is OK.

Another one here - I had a ‘period’ two years after chemo put me into the menopause. Like you I was given an urgent referal, which scared me. But it’s like Cherub says, this is standard procedure. In my case nothing untoward was found, and the bleed was put down to tamoxifen, as it can cause random bleeds like that.

I have 2 very small fibroids which are about the size of chick peas. This is bigger than they were 2 years ago (they were like lentils then), but they have told me as they are still very small they wouldn’t worry about removing them. What I did find out after the and C I had was the neck of my cervix was very small so they widened it a bit. I believe this is a legacy from laser treatment I had for the pre cancerous change all those years back. I also have a lot of scar tissue from the laser which again could be why I’ve had the odd bleed. Laser was the revolutionary new treatment back then. I’ve read recently it’s pretty much no longer used as it was causing more harm than it cured i.e. some women being left infertile, problems with uncomfortable and painful sex etc. Not surprised by this as I sometimes had the latter prior to being post meno and had to find comfortable positions on account of it.

Thanks to both of you for your posts. I have an appointment on Tuesday for a Transvaginal scan and I am booked in for a Hysteroscopy on Thursday morning.
I’ve calmed down considerably since I first posted.
At least I’ll soon know if there is a problem.
I have my first yearly mammogram on Tuesday as well so it all seems to be happening at once!

I had a a hysteroscopy done as part of the D and C procedure I went into hospital for back in July. It’s nothing to worry about, you just feel a wee bit crampy for a few days afterwards and you bleed a little bit like a period. I found the anaesthetic worse as I felt groggy for most of the following day and the hospital gave me a small supply of ibuprofen and co-codamol tablets for the pain.

Hi MB never blooming ends does it? I had some spotting/bleeding like a very light period back in May/June I had had a normal smear only about a month earlier. My GP sent me to gynae urgently got an appt for 9 days later.Was so worried about the speed of that. I had a pelvic ultra sound and the doc was convinced I was on Tamoxifen ( I am on Arimidex)as he said it was more common on Tamoxifen.Apparentrly the endometrium can get a bit thicker and then might bleed. As mine was borderline in terms of thickness it was agreed that I go back on Thurs this week for another u/s. There could be the possibility of D&C and hysteroscopy.Sounds like you have a busy week with scans/mammos. Take care
Thanks too for cherub’s post wondered what it might be like.

I too had to have a hysteroscopy in April of this year for spotting, I think with us ladies they don’t take any chances and always air on the side of caution. I was fine . Good luck x