Really worried

Hi i found a lump just before new year and have already seen my doctor, she said she thinks the lump is mastitis but i have to go to the clinic to get it checked anyway.My appointment is at 9.05 on Tuesday and i am really scared as i dont know what to expect…any advice would really help. x    

Hi kezzybug


If you mean the breast clinic, what usually happens is that you will first be seen by a nurse practitioner who will ask questions then give you a physical examination. You will then be sent to another room for a mammogram, and then another room where a doctor (with a nurse present) will do an ultra sound. If a lump can be seen, you will have a local anaesthetic so they can do a biopsy. If any lump looks like it might be a cyst or a non cancerous lump, you might be told there and then that you don’t have BC. However, if it looks more suspicious you will usually have to wait about 1-2 weeks for the results unless your clinic is a ‘one stop clinic’ where results might be given later that same day. If possible, take someone with you. They won’t be able to go into the mammogram or US room, but they will be there when you come out to support you if you have been given worrying news. All the best.


poemsgalore xx