really worried


I am new to this site and still struggling my way around it.

I am due for my first annual check up after having early stage cancer. Last year I was worried as I didn’t know what to expect so I guess I was numb and things didnt really seem to register what I was going through.

Now my first check up is due and I am feeling totally scared in case it has come back or something is wrong as now it seems to have finally sunk in what I went through last year. Do other people feel like this or am I totally freaking out and just worrying myself silly. Any feedback would be really appreciated.



Ive had my 1st check, my second is due in Aug 17. going back to the hospital after all the treatment and then walking into the same dept is stressful, I think we all struggle through the surgery and treatment on autopilot and it can take this long for it to all sink in.

My first year check turned out ot be a very positive experience though, you go there with a very different mindset and I felt very lucky to have this follow up service.

I think your feelings are normal, there will be many things along this journey that will bring back the memories or worry you, but youve got a good team around you now and they will keep a close eye on you, Im sure.

let me know how you get on.

best wishes,

Lucy xx



I’m almost coming up to my 2nd annual mammo. The first one last year did put me back to diagnosis time and I really didn’t cope well at all. Had to wait 3 weeks for results, tried to think no news is good news, and it was! Phew.  But we can’t help how we deal with these difficult times, it does bring it all back even though we try to move on.  Do try to remember that recurrences are not the norm. Do keep coming on this site, expressing how you feel as we are all here to help and will understand your fear and panic. Sending calming wishes! :cathappy:xxx

Lucy and Rubycat, thank you so much for your replies. It actually bought tears to see that people do care.

It is so nice to hear from you ladies who know what I am feeling and thinking and now I dont feel so daft for feeling helpless. So today I’m going to think positive and remember your two positive check ups. :catvery-happy:

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Hi Mistyblue


You didn’t come back to let us know how you went on with your check up. I’m hoping it was good, and that you’re doing okay, are you?

Would you let us know, when you have a mo’ (Haha - didn’t mean the rhyming).


Lotsa love

Delly xxxxxxx