Reassurance or advice please

Hi all, I thought I was through the worst of it all. In May last year I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and DCIS. This was after routine early screening. After lumpectomy, SNB, masctectomy, tissue expander implant reconstruction and then swap to silicone with augmentation on my good side, I thought I was morning on. However, my mx side silicone is not right. I I’m now 8 weeks post op and it looks wrong. I saw a different oncoplastic surgeon yesterday. Basically my mx side implant recon looks like the base of the breast has been chopped off. I’m skinny and have very little fat to skin there. So the options are to stretch my abdominal skin up and tack in down, with a fat transfer from my hips (nice). Or a Strattice matrix, which is not available on the nhs. The surgeon may be able to get a sample from a rep. But the whole thing has left me feeling distraught. I’m 50 in October and thought it would be all behind me. The surgery, if I have it, will be after that. I just can’t move forward and no one understands. I hoped that someone could give me some advice or help.
Thank forum has helped me a lot and I have found it great to post reassuring replies to women over the past year. Now I’m at my wit send
Thank you

Hi Zuleika - I’m afraid I can’t offer you any advice re your recon problem as I had a TRAM flap recon (was slim until treatment caused me to put on quite a lot of weight but that, plus a bit of extra effort, meant I had enough belly skin and fat).  I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and am really sorry you’re feeling so distraught. I do, however, understand your feelings of wanting to be able to put it all behind you and just get on with your life. I couldn’t move on until I had my recon so I really feel for your situation.


Wouldn’t you think that after all you’ve been through the NHS could fund it if your surgeon thinks the strattice matrix is what is needed, particularly when you hear so many stories of people having unecessary cosmetic surgery on the NHS just because they feel like it. That’s very frustrating and unfair. I hope they can get hold of a sample from a rep.


Sending you a hug.


flori thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much that you took the trouble. Hope you are doing ok x

Well I’m kind of okay. I’d also hoped to put it all behind me but unfortunately jumped back into the cancer journey in April with a recurrence. I’ve had surgeries and am hoping they’ve got it all this time. It’s been pretty stressful but I’m fairly calm at the moment. Thanks for asking.


I had strattice…on the NHS…

Yes please ! I’m also in Bucks but have been treated in Oxford,