Reawakening ovaries story this week!

Has anyone else noticed this story of the reawakening of the ovaries for those who have gone through a menopause too soon? Chemo has done that for me and has been a very difficult issue as i don’t have children.

Has anyone aksed their oncology teams or breast care nurses about this and wether or not you would be suitable for this treatment. Here is the article;




Hi Dancing Queen, I hope that someone comes along soon who can answer your question.  I do know that some youngr women are able to get pregant after chemo and have happy, healthy babies, but many remain unable to do so. 


I think that chemo damages the eggs, so is a different from  what is described in this article, but I am not medcially quialified, so could be talking rubbish.  Why don’t you phone the helpliners, who may well know, or ask your consultant (or get your BCN to ask him/her for you)?

This version of the story may give you more info


Might have some application in the future for BC ladies with  a very early menopause.  Not at the moment. :smileysad:



I am just waiting for my BCN to return my message about this. I have been in a peri-menopause  for 4 years now and i’m under a fertility expert about it. I’ll see what the nurse says. I have a follow up appointment with a fertility doc end of this month so i’ll mentioning it. 

It’s such an emotive issue for me, i almost wish i never saw these articles!

Thanks for the replies. Took me a while to find the thread!!!