Recall from first mammogram following treatment

Hi all, I had my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago, following lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy last year. Came home yesterday to a letter saying I’ve been recalled for further investigation and another core biopsy. I’m pretty sure it’ll just be scar tissue and nothing to worry about (I’ve been blasted to death with treatment, there can’t POSSIBLY be anything there and I only finished rads in November) but just wondered if anyone had had a similar experience?

francescap29 - I didn’t realise they did another mammogram so soon. I have only just finished radiotherapy, too.

As you say, with all that treatment, you would think it would just be scar tissue. Good luck!

Ann x

I finished chemo in August 09 following a lumpectomy and all that goes with it - a couple of weeks ago I found a lump in same breast - was back at the hospital Friday just gone and had mammo and ultra sound and it WAS just scar tissue - phew ! I hope you get the same results x lots a love x Deb

Hi there
I had this with my first review and ended up needing ultrasound and then a core biopsy. Thankfully was scar tissue/fatty necrosis (nice). Was so relieved it was a very anxious time again. Coming up to my 2 year since diagnosis review in a few weeks. And I’m bricking it already !