i had breast reduction surgery 7 years ago and have had no problems since. A recent mammogram has come back asking for a recall? Could thus be linked. I can now find a small lump but only when lying flat and not sure up this is breast reduction tissue. Very anxious.


Hi Jas,the mammogram recall letter is horrible and very anxiety provoking .The vast majority of recalls turn out to be nothing sinister ,fingers crossed you are one of the lucky ones.Have you had mammograms since your breast reduction ?

Yes I have with no problems?

They will have seen some changes from last mammogram that need further investigation to rule out anything sinister ,when I was recalled I looked at the stats and something like 3/4 of women recalled were given the all clear and there was another explanation.If it is cancer then the fact that it has been seen on mammogram with no other symptoms is good news as chances are it has been caught early and therefore very treatable .When is your appointment ?

A week on Tuesday… So long to wait!?

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