Recalled after first mammogram - extended programme

I was sent an appointment for a routine mammogram as they are extending the programme in my area (I will be 48 in June). I almost cancelled because I was petrified about having the actual mammogram but really it was not big deal and I did not find it particularly uncomfortable.

Friday 13th!! I received a letter saying that I may recall that as part of the programme I may have to go for second stage which may include futher mammogram and ultra sound scan. They have made an appointment for me for this Monday (16th) at 2pm and I am sick with worry. My husband is in Iraq and went back on Wednesday and my eldest starts his GCSE’s tomorrow, this was on top of being told on Thursday that my new job of six weeks was being made redundant.

Since Thursday I have lost about 8lbs as I feel so sick I want to physically throw up. I went to see a friend who had grade three breast cancer and is all clear now. She is coming with me tomorrow. I keep trying to focus on the fact that she had the most aggressive form of breast cancer and is okay but I am still petrified.

I am sorry about this because I know most of you on here have actually been diagnosed and probably think I am daft to be so worried before I have even found out why they want me back. I am just so very scared and so wish my husband was here.

Oh Kaz poor you what a lot you have going on right now and its natural to be worried.

even at screening the majority of women recalled do not have cancer… fisrt mammo means you are more likely to be recalled as they have no previous mammos to compare with. you can be recalled for lots of reasons and very often they do not know what is wrong just that there is an area that need more investigation… sometimes it can be as simple as a fold of breast tissue so they cannot see right through the breast, sometimes it can be benign findings like fibroadenomas or complex cysts, sometimes it can be for areas of calcification.

at your appointment they will normally want to do some more mammograms and depending on what they see on that they may do an ultrasound. at our clinic we do a biopsy this doesnt mean a def malignancy we often also do a stereo biopsy in the mammo machine if you have indeterminate calcifications.

its good you have a friend to go with you to the clinic… heres hoping its nothing serious.

lulu xx

Thanks Lulu, I am hoping that my friend will be able to come in with me. She has been there before and will probably take in more than me.

Just not sure whether I will be feeling worse tomorrow although my friend said at least tomorrow I will know one way or another if I have anything to worry about and if it is bad news. It is then process all the way and the earlier the better.

I have checked and I cannot find any lumps or any changes to the look of my breasts. My left breast is frequently tender but the doctors have examined my breasts and have said it was probably just hormonal. The last time they examined my breasts it was because I had gone in a week after my period with swollen sore breasts that felt like they were radiating heat. She examined them and said they felt fine. My next period was then about 10 days late and I ended up taking a pregnancy test. So I wonder if I am pre-menopausal.

Hi kazd,

A few years ago I was sent for a mammogram because of a lump in my right breast - I got a shock when they said they wanted to do a biopsy on my left! They promptly did and a few weeks later it turned out it was only a benign cyst. Its easy to get worked up, we all understand. Just take really, really deep breaths and one day at a time. Your friend will be able to go in with you to the doctor, they understand your head will be all over the place.Good luck for tomorrow and we’ll have fingers, toes and anything else we can cross, crossed.

the object of screening is to try and find cancer at an early stage when you cannot detect it yourself so even if its your worst fear the fact you cannot feel anything is probably a good thing as it means its most likely to be very small or pre-cancerous.

if its anything like our clinic your freind would be able to go in for the initial consultation or at any point you are speaking to a clinician or nurse but not during investigations, such as mammo, ultra sound or biopsy… at our clinic it can be a long days so be prepared for a wait.

good luck
Lulu xxx

Hi Kaz

Like you Iwas called back after first routine mamo. I went into panic mode & even called centre to see if they’d fit me in earlier (appt sent was only 3 days; seemed the longest 3 days ever).

I had the 3 checks; another mammo on left boob; ultrasound & physical exam. An area of calcifications seen on mammo not on ultrasound; no lumps.

Had to have bi-opsy; anyway I did have low grade DCIS (non-invasive bc). At time was scared as thought looking at mx; but 2 WLE & RT later all done & now feel so lucky that caught so early & dealt with.

Good luck with checks today 9 times out of 10 it is completly normal. Hope you have someone to take with you; I didn’t take anyone & wish I had for moral support.

Take care

Hi Lynne

Thanks for your post of support. I am new to this and wondered if you could translate the initials for me!


Hi Kaz

Sorry; I’m a civil servant in real life & I talk in jargon!(LOL)

WLE is a wide local excision (sometimes reffered to as a lumpectomy) basically only the involved area is removed with a clear margin of healthy tissue.

RT is Radiotherapy a very powerful tool against all sorts of cancer; if required.

MX is masectomy but can’t spell it!

Please don’t stress over what these are as hopefully you will be one of the 9 out of 10 where nothing to worry about.

When you get your results and want to send me a private message please feel free to do so; or post that all OK.

I’m working at present so I’ll next log on at lunch & at home this evening to see how you got on.

It is actually more common to get called back on first mammo as nothing on record to show what is normal for you.

Take care

Hello kazd

I have attached a link to abbreviations that are commonly used on the forums. Hope it helps.–forum-t24993.html

June, moderator

Hi Everyone,

Well everything is fine - cannot tell you how relieved I am. They said I had a few spots on my left breast. Took another mammogram and a cone mammogram. Consultant came in and said that first off he wanted to tell me all was fine as far as he could see and he just wanted to prove it to me with an exam and ultra sound.

I am so relieved I could burst, unfortunately appetite is now back so the 9lb I lost over the weekend will probably be back by end of the week!!!

Hi Kaz

Wonderful news so pleased for you.

Take care

So pleased for you Kaz, you must be so relieved. I have an appointment for a call back on Thurs! Am hoping for a similar outcome! Sheila xxx

So pleased for you Kaz, you must be so relieved. I have an appointment for a call back on Thurs! Am hoping for a similar outcome! Sheila xxx

Kaz great news xxx

Sheila fingers crossed for good news for you too xxx